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Fat Belly

I was helping my four year old with something when she poked me in the belly and said, “You have a fat belly.” “That is not nice. People don’t like to hear that they have a fat belly.” She poked … Continue reading

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Five Minutes Until

Isn’t it amazing how the words, “Five minutes until dinnertime,” can suddenly cause 3 people who just spent the previous 30 minutes arguing about which game they should play, to immediately start playing a game as if they had been … Continue reading

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Thankful Turkey – A Family Tradition

Each year I make a paper bag turkey and feathers for our family’s annual Thankful Turkey. He usually gets called Tom the Turkey or Ted the Turkey and we add thankful feathers onto him each day. Here’s a photo of … Continue reading

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Preschool Drop Off

Everyday, immediately after preschool drop off, where the teacher comes to the car and helps my daughter out, I vow that today will be the day I go home and clean out my car. And yet, I don’t. I’m just … Continue reading

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Children’s Thanksgiving Books

I have shared some of our family’s favorite Christmas books (along with our Christmas Eve tradition) before so I thought it would be good to share some of our favorite Thanksgiving books. I keep all of our holiday books together … Continue reading

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Halloween Candy

I have successfully eaten every Almond Joy and Heath bar within a 6 square mile radius of my house. It might have something to do with the fact that I told my children those candy bars don’t taste good. Or … Continue reading

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Halloween 2013

Just popping in today to share costumes from last night. My 4 year old was a cheetah for most events this Halloween but chose to be Belle for trick or treating. My 11 year old didn’t care about his costume … Continue reading

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Man o man. This thing called life just knocks the wind out of you sometimes. The first thing out of my middle schoolers mouth when I picked him up from school yesterday was, “Kids told me Mrs. Matheus’ son died. … Continue reading

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The Rabbits – Part 2 – It Gets Ugly

Well folks. It didn’t get all Hakuna Matata on us over her. It went the way of the Circle of Life in a slightly more horrific way than I imagined. If you recall, our backyard became a rabbit sanctuary for … Continue reading

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I’m Starting to Regret..

I’m starting to regret showing my kids all of the old movies I love and view as classics. Movies like Mary Poppins, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, and Annie. As I was walking away after putting my 4 year old … Continue reading

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