4 thoughts on “Parenting Fail

  1. Because they can’t hear you otherwise. 🙂 I know, I try to not yell. But they seriously can’t HEAR me if I don’t sometimes.

  2. I find myself yelling at them to stop yelling all. the. time. And I think the exact same thing when I’m doing it.

  3. After having the boys for almost a week by themselves and then seeing them at the beach, it must be the dynamic of “the third” in some way. I actually thought they were very quiet and always made sure the radio was lower. When I tried to “rock out” to a 60’s song, they were stunned and Andrew said I needed to lower the volume.
    Do you find it quieter when you have any combination of two? Perhaps you have a sensitivity to noise, also. To me your kids are really pretty quiet and listen well, but maybe in retrospect our house was chaotic:)

  4. I totally feel your pain. It is the exact same way with me and my three! I am glad I am not the only one!!!!!

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