The Dad Life

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

Take a moment and enjoy this little tribute to dads – it’s hysterical – and truly spot on.

HP Fever

We’ve got Harry Potter fever over here.

My husband just finished reading the first Harry Potter book to our boys and they are super excited to watch the movie now.

I decided to make a little party out of it and have been looking for a few items to help celebrate.

This book mark is on it’s way to our house…

Sophie Wilson Design

I’m pretty sure these cards would be fun to use…

Harry Potter Playing Cards

Anything that says “Sweet Shoppe is sure to be a hit…

Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit

Andrew studied this book for awhile today at Barnes and Noble…

LEGO Harry Potter Book

This wizard’s workshop looks like fun…

Farrago Kids

How about a personalized Hogwarts diploma?

The Supply Company


And this one just cracks me up – probably not going to get this for the boys:)

Mud in My Blood

Anybody in your house a Harry Potter fan?


It’s always both startling and exciting when your little one uses new grown up words.

Yesterday as I was trying to get everyone into their respective rooms for quiet time my 3 year old and I had this conversation.

‘Caroline, it’s time to go to your room for some quiet time.’

‘Well, actually, I’m playing now.’

‘Yes, I can see you’re playing but right now it’s time to go to your room.’

‘Well, actually, I have five more minutes to play.’

‘No, it’s time to go to your room. Where’s your underwear?’

‘I took them off.’

‘We need to find them and put them on.’

‘Well, actually, I don’t need them.’

‘Yes, you do need them to cover up your little bum.’

‘Well, actually I have a big bum.’

‘You have a big bum?’

‘Yes. I have a big bum just like you.’

I pondered her statement for a moment and decided,

Well, actually, I’ll take that comparison as a compliment. You get 5 more minutes of playtime.

June goals

So I’m a little late putting these out there but honestly, I don’t plan on accomplishing many things since the kids are home for summer break.

What would you like to accomplish this month?


***This post was written a few weeks ago when my daughter was still in school***

Apparently my daughter likes preschool.

At least that’s what the teachers tell me.

I have never actually seen her experience this joy but I’ll trust them.

I hear about her love of friends, putting crafts together, playing in the pretend kitchen, but when I show up the fun stops.

At the Christmas party all of the kids stood in front of the parents singing away while Caroline was in my lap burying her head.

At the Valentine’s Day party, she wouldn’t leave my lap for the group picture.

And at the end of the school year party she wouldn’t sing, get in a picture, or put on the decorated class shirt.

Notice all of the other kids wearing similar shirts?

 Guess who refused to put one on?

You could look at this as she’s asserting her independence, not following the crowd, thinking on her own, or maybe even that she has good fashion sense.

The teacher kept saying, “She’s a real pistol.”

When asked why she didn’t want to put her shirt on Caroline said, “I’m brave.”

Whether or not she understands what that means you do have to admit she is pretty brave.

Imagine staring down and refusing to follow the directions of two fifty year old women when you only stand 32 inches tall all the while ignoring your mommy’s suggestions for putting the shirt on and being in the class picture.

Yes, I think she’s definitely asserting her independence.

Oh, and  she’s certainly a little pistol.

Food in d’House

So we’ve been cruising along in summer with: swim practice, a trip to Costco, visit to the library, a planetarium visit to see the transit of Venus, visits to the neighborhood pool, and eating.

Lots of eating.

Luckily we’ve been eating pretty well.

For instance, today the kids had strawberries and whipped cream for snack.

Oh, and I might have had a bowl full too.

The other night I tried these Chicken Taquitos from Chef in Training and they were fabulous. My attempt at the Pioneer Woman’s homemade pico de gallo was not the greatest but it was edible. I think I added way too much cilantro.

The other development in our kitchen is that the boys are cooking as they have in past summers.

They are each responsible for planning and cooking one dinner a week. Once they plan their menu they have to check to make sure we have all the ingredients or they need to put it on the grocery list.

We only completed week one of the summer dinners by the boys but so far everyone gives it a thumbs up.

Alex made grilled cheese and tomato soup with a side of grapes on Sunday while Wednesday night Andrew made hot dogs, chips, a salad, and some yogurt.

There’s talk of cheese nachos next week.

Hopefully I’ll persuade a vegetable or two to make an appearance with that dinner.

Are you cooking up anything yummy?

Drowning in Paperwork

The end of the school year always means tons of paperwork.

Notebooks. Folders. Projects.

All of which contain paper and lots of it.

And while everything my children make is precious and dear to me, cough, I needed a way to get some of it out of the house.

Instead of doing what I normally do – stand at the recycling bin and chuck the papers – I had the boys go through their papers and choose some of their must keeps.

It was a large pile.

I then brought out 4 envelopes and told them we were going to send some of the work to family. (My family members are now shaking their head).

The boys divvied up the papers among the grandparents while deciding to keep a few.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the post office where they can send their school work off.

And don’t worry Mom, I won’t mind if these papers end up in your recycling bucket.

But your grandchildren might.


Father’s Day at Big D & Me

I’ve listed 2 new items in my etsy shop and think they would be perfect for Father’s Day.

The first item is a Father’s Day printable for the kids to fill out.

Kids often say the funniest things and those words can make a great gift for Dad. Imagine the changing responses Dad will get year after year as the kids fill out this form.

The second item is a listing for 6 separate pages of questionnaires for kids to fill out.

The forms included in this packet are:

All About My Dad

All About My Mom

All About My Grandma

All About My Grandpa

All About My Aunt

All About My Uncle

Each form is unique and will be cherished by the recipient.

Just think of all of the celebrations during the year that these printables could be used for … birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day just got a whole lot

Only 13 days until Father’s Day…you’d better hurry on over to Big D and Me on etsy.