Drowning in Paperwork

The end of the school year always means tons of paperwork.

Notebooks. Folders. Projects.

All of which contain paper and lots of it.

And while everything my children make is precious and dear to me, cough, I needed a way to get some of it out of the house.

Instead of doing what I normally do – stand at the recycling bin and chuck the papers – I had the boys go through their papers and choose some of their must keeps.

It was a large pile.

I then brought out 4 envelopes and told them we were going to send some of the work to family. (My family members are now shaking their head).

The boys divvied up the papers among the grandparents while deciding to keep a few.

Tomorrow will be a trip to the post office where they can send their school work off.

And don’t worry Mom, I won’t mind if these papers end up in your recycling bucket.

But your grandchildren might.


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