It’s always both startling and exciting when your little one uses new grown up words.

Yesterday as I was trying to get everyone into their respective rooms for quiet time my 3 year old and I had this conversation.

‘Caroline, it’s time to go to your room for some quiet time.’

‘Well, actually, I’m playing now.’

‘Yes, I can see you’re playing but right now it’s time to go to your room.’

‘Well, actually, I have five more minutes to play.’

‘No, it’s time to go to your room. Where’s your underwear?’

‘I took them off.’

‘We need to find them and put them on.’

‘Well, actually, I don’t need them.’

‘Yes, you do need them to cover up your little bum.’

‘Well, actually I have a big bum.’

‘You have a big bum?’

‘Yes. I have a big bum just like you.’

I pondered her statement for a moment and decided,

Well, actually, I’ll take that comparison as a compliment. You get 5 more minutes of playtime.

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