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A Christmas Tradition of Santa Giving Books

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago since it is my most popular post ever – plus the time is perfect***just to clarify a few things which I have been asked – the post office gives anyone those airmail … Continue reading

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Holiday Eating

I just ate 2 pounds of toffee in the last day and a half, proving that buying desserts at Costco should be outlawed. Fortunately, those calories have been completely negated as I drank skim milk with said toffee thus insuring … Continue reading

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Easy Advent Calendar with a Paper Bag

***I am reposting this from 2 years ago – the only change I will be making for this years advent calendar will be at the end of this post***and sadly, I have to report that there was no big Powerball … Continue reading

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The Countdown has Begun

Folks, it’s time we get serious here. I’m going to tell you something that may excite you but it may panic you. Are you ready? Christmas is less than 100 days away! In fact, it’s only 94 days away! Yep. … Continue reading

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A New Addition

Remember my post “A Hairy Christmas?” It could have been considered hairy for an entirely different reason. We got a dog. Now to be clear, I never wanted a dog. Ever. In my experience, they are stinky and their hair … Continue reading

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Thank You

My husband and I are trying to raise our children to be well mannered, considerate, and respectable young people. Emphasis on the trying. They’re not walking around wearing white undershirts and smoking but some days I worry if we’re making … Continue reading

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A Hairy Christmas

Our family has a history of silly gifts on Christmas day, from my Dad’s t-shirts, to wrapping a present in multiple boxes, to the matching pants my sisters and I received (not an intentional gag gift but one which occurred … Continue reading

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Christmas Stress

My kids are thrilled with the new addition to our neighbors’ Christmas display. Me? Not so much. Thanks to them, I’ve been stressed since the day after Thanksgiving. Every time I drive by their house I am reminded of the … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tradition & Holiday Books

One of my favorite family Christmas traditions occurs on Christmas Eve. Every December 24th, usually in the afternoon, Santa’s elves deliver a holiday book (or two) and leave it at our door. Once everyone has showered and put on pajamas … Continue reading

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Santa Got it Wrong

Through sources, I have learned that Santa and Mrs. Claus completed all of their Christmas shopping on Saturday. On Sunday my children completed their Christmas lists. On Monday, Mrs. Claus will be returning gifts repacking the sleigh.

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