A New Addition

Remember my post “A Hairy Christmas?”

It could have been considered hairy for an entirely different reason.

We got a dog.

Now to be clear, I never wanted a dog.


In my experience, they are stinky and their hair gets everywhere.

But this kid changed my mind.

My son has always loved animals and desperately wanted a pet.

When he was four we got him fish.

When he was four they died.

Not quite the pet he was looking for.

Before my husband and I went out looking for a dog I made a list of the type of dog I would welcome into my home.

1. Dark haired dog.

2. Short haired dog.

3. Medium sized dog.

Instead we came home with Sophie.

She’s got white fur.

She’s got long hair.

She’s 42 pounds as a puppy.

She only met one of my requirements.

She makes my son happy.

12 thoughts on “A New Addition

  1. Oh my GOODNESS, so sweet! And so TOTALLY everything you didn’t want. Hilarious. I’d be willing to bet she becomes “your” dog. :o)

    • Her legs are taped since they removed a back claw on each side and she was not leaving it alone to heal. The cone is for the same reason. When we saw her at the shelter she was all taped up and she looked worse than she actually was.

  2. I met Sophie over Xmas and I think she is fabulous with a wonderful coat to pet. When I found out she was part Great Pyrenees and a rescue dog, I researched what was happening in Texas with the breed and was shocked to find how many wind up in shelters. After having Golden Retrievers in our lives for the last 30 years…..the blonde, the long-haired,the large, the expensive vet visits, and sometimes smelly (understatement)….dogs are a commitment from the day you bring them home and the last day you say goodbye. They are not judgmental, happy to see you always, and warm at your feet on a cold night. No one should ever take a puppy without thinking ….10 years down the line…stick to your guns if dogs are not for you….

  3. I’m not too much of a dog lover, but I can see it in our future– maybe. That’s so good of you to make your son so happy. I know there are many benefits for children to having a dog.

  4. Sophie is surely a special dog…so sweet, loving and calm. I’m sure she’ll grow into “your dog”…just wait 🙂

  5. I agree with Amanda’s post…before you know it, she’ll be your baby too!!! Love the story.

  6. Sophie is beautiful!!

    Dogs are hard work and expensive, but I always say a boy that grows up with dogs r does not do drugs, does not bully, and grows up well adjusted. That is hard to buy!

    Cranky Old Man

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