Santa Got it Wrong

Through sources, I have learned that Santa and Mrs. Claus completed all of their Christmas shopping on Saturday.

On Sunday my children completed their Christmas lists.

On Monday, Mrs. Claus will be returning gifts repacking the sleigh.

11 thoughts on “Santa Got it Wrong

  1. I know we all do this differently but I’ve never so much as even asked my kids what they want. I know, of course, from listening to them but I don’t ask them–that way I can give them the gift of my choosing and so far, they are always happy. So sorry for the returns … that darn Santa 🙂

  2. Oh yeah, my daughter has been begging for a crayon maker, so like a good elf I went out and got it. And now she wants some glow thing and no more crayon maker. I keep trying to tell her how great the crayon maker and she’s not buying it. Rats…..

  3. This happened to me LAST year… except in a different way. I had all my gifts wrapped and found out that my son was expecting Santa to bring him one specific certain toy. This was a toy I had already gotten him and was SO excited it was also on his Santa list! Even though I had gotten it and wrapped it in a package from my husband and I, on Christmas Eve I unwrapped it and made it from Santa (Santa doesn’t wrap his gifts!) because he seriously would have been heartbroken had he not seen it when he woke up… the things we do as parents! Right?!

  4. same boat, different ocean 🙁

    Wondering if save myself some work and use same technique as when prepared meals are met with disdain?
    You’ll eat/take it, and you’ll like it
    there’s the spirit

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