Our Little Elf

In our family we get to decorate the Christmas tree everyday.

You see, we have an elf.

This little person likes to shop our tree, complete with her very own shopping bag.

She’s very methodical hitting only the areas she can reach.

At least that used to be the case.

Now our elf  has taken to climbing at higher elevations to reach her prize.

The reward seems to be satisfying every time.

It’s questionable whether Santa would consider her a helper.

Either way, she’s out little elf.

7 thoughts on “Our Little Elf

  1. She looks very sneaky. Makes the holidays interesting, I’m sure! Have you heard of the tradition to have a family elf (doll) and move him/her everyday. The kids have to search and find it everyday.

  2. Caroline is so precious and I prefer to think of my granddaughter as an indepth, contemplative decorator! I still love looking at all the ornaments she hung on the bottom of our tree. Heard there was a little breakage during the excited decorating ritual of our tree but it is not designed for “shopping” the way yours is……Plus, whatever keeps them busy…

  3. I have such fond memories of coming over to your house every year to help decorate your tree and set up the (spooky yet fascinating) train set–good times! Glad Caroline is keeping up the high tree decorating standards of the Becker family.

  4. Oh man, what a rascal! We are going through the same thing at our house. Every ornament that gets taken off I end up putting it at the top of the tree so we are pretty much left with the bottom half empty. I keep wondering how it doesn’t fall over since it’s so top heavy.

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