A Hairy Christmas

Our family has a history of silly gifts on Christmas day, from my Dad’s t-shirts, to wrapping a present in multiple boxes, to the matching pants my sisters and I received (not an intentional gag gift but one which occurred since apparently JCrew’s sizes run waaaaaay small).

So I figured this Christmas it was my turn to be the ring leader.

Browsing through etsy in September I came across some crocheted beards and I knew this was it.

Laura was wonderful to work with and created 7 beards for me to give as gifts for the family.

Feast your eyes on this awesomeness!

Top row:
My brother the hairy beast (I’m sure this look will be a hit on the college scene)
My dad (gray to match his current stache)
My husband (just what he needs, more hair 🙂
My brother-in-law (Very stylish and practical for shoveling snow in Michigan)
Front row: My sons who are in heaven to be with the big guys

Yes, I said seven but there are only six beards in the picture.

Where’s the 7th beard you ask?

Introducing Princess Grizzly …..

Her hat and beard were created by Laura.

Outside playtime this winter will probably lead the neighbors to think we’ve adopted three middle aged munchkins.

Check out Laura’s site here and have your own hairy fun.

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  1. Love the pics, Jen. I’m so impressed you got Caroline to try on the hat…did she wear it with the princess costume?

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