Adorable Baby Items on Etsy

I have a new nephew who was born this week.

While cruising etsy yesterday I found many adorable gift ideas for the little guy.

Have a look…

Adri’s Adorables – $6

Pepper Pony – $20

Angie Baby Gifts – $18.50

Announce it in Style – $15

Love MK Boutique – $56

Lisa Corinne Handmade -$38

Apple Blossom Print – $23

Busy Beez and Chickadeez- $15

Smc Classic Designs – $7.95

Southern Sassy Pants – $39.50

Mateo & Tobias – $15

Aren’t there some amazingly talented artists out there!

Any one of these items would make a wonderful gift.

Welcome to the world Connor Thomas!

A Hairy Christmas

Our family has a history of silly gifts on Christmas day, from my Dad’s t-shirts, to wrapping a present in multiple boxes, to the matching pants my sisters and I received (not an intentional gag gift but one which occurred since apparently JCrew’s sizes run waaaaaay small).

So I figured this Christmas it was my turn to be the ring leader.

Browsing through etsy in September I came across some crocheted beards and I knew this was it.

Laura was wonderful to work with and created 7 beards for me to give as gifts for the family.

Feast your eyes on this awesomeness!

Top row:
My brother the hairy beast (I’m sure this look will be a hit on the college scene)
My dad (gray to match his current stache)
My husband (just what he needs, more hair 🙂
My brother-in-law (Very stylish and practical for shoveling snow in Michigan)
Front row: My sons who are in heaven to be with the big guys

Yes, I said seven but there are only six beards in the picture.

Where’s the 7th beard you ask?

Introducing Princess Grizzly …..

Her hat and beard were created by Laura.

Outside playtime this winter will probably lead the neighbors to think we’ve adopted three middle aged munchkins.

Check out Laura’s site here and have your own hairy fun.

Etsy: Family Portraits Edition

 I have some news for you…only 52 days until Christmas!

Yes, that’s right. We must get shopping.

How are you going to remember those special people in your life? The woman who watches your child. The music teacher. Your best friends family. The school teacher. The special neighbor who takes care of your dog. Your family.

This year consider giving a special gift. A gift the person and their family will enjoy for years to come.

Will they enjoy a candle? No. (I’m guilty of giving out 1,362 candles in my life)

Will they enjoy pot holders? No. (Mom, your getting some of these from the kids. Act surprised and love them.)

Will they enjoy a custom portrait? Yes!

I have found eight etsy artists who I think can provide you with that special gift you are looking for. Many of the artists have even agreed to give Big D & Me readers a discount on a purchase!

 Take a moment and see what catches your eye  I promise you there is something for everyone here.

If you click on the shop name you will go to their etsy shop. There you will find many more items worthy of being holiday gifts.

 Custom Art Family Silhouette Print

Nella Designs

Super Hero Family Custom Portraits


MBoarts has kindly agreed to give Big D & Me readers a 10% discount on a store purchase.      Use the code BIGD10 when checking out

5 Custom Wood Peg Dolls


Pegged has graciously offered Big D & Me readers a 15% discount for November. Use the coupon code BIGDNME2011 during checkout. Holiday orders must be purchased by Nov 20 to insure delivery.

Custom Family Portrait

A Land Called Anna Lee

Anna Lee has kindly offered Big D & Me readers a 10% off discount on a shop purchase. When you contact her, please mention Big D & Me for the discount.

Custom Folk Art Sculptures

Indigo Twin

Indigo Twin is graciously offering a 10% discount to Big D & Me readers.Please use the coupon code TRICKTREAT during check out.

Custom Cut Paper Portrait

Paper Portrait

Custom Silhouette Family Portrait


 Personalized Family Name Art Print

Baby Delicious :Bespoke Art for Children

Baby Delicious is graciously offering Big D & Me readers a 15% discount on a purchase. This offer lasts until November 11, 2011.    Use the coupon code BD15OFF at checkout

Did you see something special? Maybe even something special for you?

Happy Shopping!


Sunny Vanilla Guest Post

I recently discovered the blog Sunny Vanilla and am extremely glad I did. Jen’s blog is filled with original crafty projects using both fabric and paper. I love her fabric choices and only dream of bring able to sew like her. Some of my favorite projects on Sunny Vanilla are making a book with fingerprints how to sew a father’s day book, her summertime pursecocktail coasters, and how to make  a $7 skirt,  Make sure you check out Jen’s Etsy shop too.

Today Jen has been kind enough to share a craft with us using a material almost everyone has in their house. In fact, I buy four of these each week to quench the thirst of my three growing kids. Intrigued?

Take it away Jen…..

Hey everyone! I’m Jen from Sunny Vanilla and I’ll be hanging out with you all today. A tid bit about me…When I’m not sewing or crafting, I’m swatting mosquitos and sweating buckets over in the Sunshine State. I like to call this place home 😉 I married my HS sweetheart (I know, roll your eyes) and after a long, long, long time, we finally settled down and had a little girl we like to call our nugget. I’m a simple, beachy kind of girl who lives in shorts and flip flops. I think laughter is the best medicine of all, aside for maybe a really good bargain shopping spree. It’s nice “meeting” all of you!

I’ve got a little tutorial for you that I think you’re going to love. It’s simple, super inexpensive, and one that your kids may enjoy doing too! Enjoy!!!

I’m not sure about your family, but we go through milk around here like it’s going out of style.  So naturally we have tons of milk cartons {we really should just put a cow in our backyard}.  Well, I started saving the rings on the top of the carton thinking I could use them for something.  Enter the napkin ring!

To get started with your napkin rings, you will need the following {a glue gun will work too}: 

Glue two milk carton rings together like this.

Cut approximately 28 in. of ribbon.  
Once the glue has dried, add a small dab of glue to the inside of the ring and attach the end of the ribbon there. 

Begin to wrap the ribbon around the ring, making sure to keep it nice and tight.  Overlap as you go.

Once you’ve completed the ring, add another small dab of glue to the inside of the ring.  Cut your ribbon and press firmly into the glue.

Now you have a napkin ring!  You can leave it alone or embellish it however you’d like.

I took a scrap piece of fabric and made a little bow tie with it.  

Then I glued a couple of buttons to the top for a finished look.

You could also use tulle…

…or just the buttons themselves.

Now you have a set of four napkin rings ready for your next party!

Thanks Jen – Go check out Sunny Vanilla for a crafty read

It’s a Giveaway from Graphic Anthology!

Do you remember this print from my kitchen art wall?

This print was the first piece I bought for my art wall and it set the standard with its vibrant color scheme and bold look.

Well, guess what?

This print can be yours!

Genesis from Graphic Anthology is giving away one of her prints on Big D & Me!

I am beyond excited because I love so many of her prints.

In fact, I want all of these prints in my house and know exactly where I would put them.

For my master bedroom:

For my daughter’s room:

For a family wall of inspiration I am beginning soon:

Graphic Anthology is giving away one A3 size print which is a $20 value to one winner.

The winner of the giveaway can pick any item in the Graphic Anthology shop which is an A3.

What if I don’t win? What if I can’t wait for such a fun print for my house?

Genesis has graciously offered Big D & Me readers a 20% coupon to use in her shop for any item(s) of their choosing. Simply use the coupon code CBKISSES when you check out.

How do you win?

Each person may enter up to 2 times in the giveaway.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1. Visit Graphic Anthology and leave a comment here about your favorite print.

2. Be or become a follower of Big D & Me and leave me a comment stating you’re a follower.

This giveaway closes Thursday September 15th at 10 pm.

The winner will be announced Friday September 16th.

Good luck to each of you and remember…


The Kitchen Art Wall Reveal…Finally

Our kitchen art wall has been a long time in coming. I searched and searched etsy for just the right art. I chose pieces which were fun, bright, and made me smile. I made six printables for the wall as well.

Last time I left you I had given you this sneak peek at our wall

Here’s the completed wall

I am so excited with how it came out.

The five small frames are from Target, 2 others are from IKEA, 2 frames I already had, and 2 are from Goodwill. The frames I already owned and the ones from Goodwill were given a couple of coats of white paint.

Let me show you how we chose where to place the frames.

I knew I was working with an 44 x 44 space on the wall so my husband and I made a 44 x 44 template out of newspapers taped together.

Next we moved around the frames until we were happy with their placement

There is a wide variety of color in the pictures so I decided white frames would help give a cohesive look.

Where did those wonderful pieces of art come from you ask?

Clicking on the links below will direct you to the etsy shops or to my post with the free printables.

You are the Pancakes to My Syrup – Williston Letter Co

Olive You – free printable Big D & Me

Super Dean with Hamburger (made from individual pieces of paper) – Greenbean Art

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – Graphic Anthology

If You Want Breakfast in Bed, Sleep in the Kitchen – free printable Big D & Me

Baby You Spin Me Right Round – Oh, Dear Molly

You Are My Hot Pot – Oh, Dear Molly

You Can’t Buy Happiness But You Can Buy Ice Cream & that’s Kind of the Same Thing – free printable Big D & Me

Hey Yogurt, If You’re so Cultured Why Do I Never See You at the Opera? – free printable Big D & Me

Lettuce Turnip the Beet (Let Us Turn Up the Beat) – free printable Big D & Me

Give Thanks – free printable Big D & Me

So that’s it. Our kitchen wall is finished.

Except that I want to change a few colors on the printables.

Maybe add another frame.

No. No. No. For now it’s done and I’m pleased it’s done.

Now onto our next big project.

Hmmm, my husbands not smiling.

I, for the life of me, can’t understand why.



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Kitchen Printables

This post was first published when I guest posted on Darling Doodles.

Today I am sharing with you three printables I made for our kitchen gallery wall.

Before I show you these prints I want you to understand that the art on my kitchen wall is on the cheesey groan inducing side. (I can hear the accolades now – “Yeah, she made us cheesey printables”). I would like to have some grown up sentimental art but it’s just not me. Instead I have prints I have bought which say, “You Are My Hot Pot,” and “You are the Syrup to my Pancakes.”

So ready or not consider yourself warned. If you are looking for Pottery Barn, you’ve come to the wrong place.

My first printable is a 4 x 6 message  – I think it speaks for itself.

My second printable is a 5 x 7 print. When I found this saying I knew it was meant for my family.

The third print is another 5 x 7 with a sweet little message but one that I always insist on exaggerating, “I luuuuurvvve you.”

Olive YouHere’s a peek at my kitchen gallery wall.

Hop on over to Big D & Me where I will soon be revealing the kitchen art wall and sharing where the other art work is from (hint: Etsy!)

Update: Here are three more kitchen printables

Give Thanks

Lettuce Turnip the Beet (Let Us Turn Up the Beat)

Cultured Yogurt

Click on the printables pictures in order to download a copy for yourself

If you decide to download a picture, please consider becoming a Big D & Me follower

Go here for the art wall revealed

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McClippies – I’m in Love

I have to admit when I first found out I was having a girl I thought…I can’t do girl. I know boys – Legos, Star Wars, wrestling. Then Caroline came along and eased my fears, at least for now. Thankfully, she enjoys all those things but is girly as well. She wears a super hero cape but insists it has a coordinating hair bow.

I can’t french braid, put hair up in a twist, or even put in pig tails. Although to be honest, I haven’t needed these skills yet since Caroline has very thin but extremely curly hair. So far, spraying it with water, brushing it, and fluffling it in the morning has worked.

Caroline likes to have bows in her hair but they rarely stay in due to her thin hair. Through I found McClippies and decided to take a chance on their bows. I ordered them and have been thrilled with them. They stay in Caroline’s hair and are beyond precious.

Go ahead and check them out if you are in need of some adorable hair products.

I bought four clippies but wish we had several more. You can see the clippies Caroline has below.

Aren’t they adorable?

Go ahead and find some clippies for that special little lady in your life 🙂