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I recently discovered the blog Sunny Vanilla and am extremely glad I did. Jen’s blog is filled with original crafty projects using both fabric and paper. I love her fabric choices and only dream of bring able to sew like her. Some of my favorite projects on Sunny Vanilla are making a book with fingerprints how to sew a father’s day book, her summertime pursecocktail coasters, and how to make  a $7 skirt,  Make sure you check out Jen’s Etsy shop too.

Today Jen has been kind enough to share a craft with us using a material almost everyone has in their house. In fact, I buy four of these each week to quench the thirst of my three growing kids. Intrigued?

Take it away Jen…..

Hey everyone! I’m Jen from Sunny Vanilla and I’ll be hanging out with you all today. A tid bit about me…When I’m not sewing or crafting, I’m swatting mosquitos and sweating buckets over in the Sunshine State. I like to call this place home 😉 I married my HS sweetheart (I know, roll your eyes) and after a long, long, long time, we finally settled down and had a little girl we like to call our nugget. I’m a simple, beachy kind of girl who lives in shorts and flip flops. I think laughter is the best medicine of all, aside for maybe a really good bargain shopping spree. It’s nice “meeting” all of you!

I’ve got a little tutorial for you that I think you’re going to love. It’s simple, super inexpensive, and one that your kids may enjoy doing too! Enjoy!!!

I’m not sure about your family, but we go through milk around here like it’s going out of style.  So naturally we have tons of milk cartons {we really should just put a cow in our backyard}.  Well, I started saving the rings on the top of the carton thinking I could use them for something.  Enter the napkin ring!

To get started with your napkin rings, you will need the following {a glue gun will work too}: 

Glue two milk carton rings together like this.

Cut approximately 28 in. of ribbon.  
Once the glue has dried, add a small dab of glue to the inside of the ring and attach the end of the ribbon there. 

Begin to wrap the ribbon around the ring, making sure to keep it nice and tight.  Overlap as you go.

Once you’ve completed the ring, add another small dab of glue to the inside of the ring.  Cut your ribbon and press firmly into the glue.

Now you have a napkin ring!  You can leave it alone or embellish it however you’d like.

I took a scrap piece of fabric and made a little bow tie with it.  

Then I glued a couple of buttons to the top for a finished look.

You could also use tulle…

…or just the buttons themselves.

Now you have a set of four napkin rings ready for your next party!

Thanks Jen – Go check out Sunny Vanilla for a crafty read

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  1. So cute!! Need to find some time to do this. I’ll have to borrow some mike caps from someone since I don’t drink any

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