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TCU Game

Sometimes events can be so built up for kids that the actual event itself can be a let down. I was worried this was going to happen with my six year old when he went to his first college football … Continue reading

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Stair Organizing

Our stairs probably give the impression that we designed our house without closets. Coats, book bags, toys, art supplies, you name it, it ends up on our stairs. I had been contemplating for awhile how I could solve our stairs … Continue reading

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A Star

Saw this decal on a car today while I was walking to Alex’s lacrosse game. A star in preschool? Does their preschooler feel pity towards the other kids who are furiously scribbling on their paper and shamefully coloring outside the … Continue reading

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I just got back yesterday from a week long trip to Canada and am quite tired. However, I did manage to get myself to a store today. Our pantry was bare, the freezer empty, and a lone carton of inedible … Continue reading

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Sweet Peas and Bumblebees

I’m guest posting over at Sweet Peas and Bumblebees today. I’m sharing the party boards I made for our Halloween party. Come on over to Sweet Peas and Bumblebees to take a look.

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Halloween Party Food

Last year we held our first ever Halloween party and it was a ton of fun for everyone (a ton of work too but let’s focus on the fun for now). My husband and I baked, dipped, frosted, stirred, cooled, … Continue reading

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On the Side

I recently won a contest at The Grant Life for a free month of ad space. For a whole month the Big D & Me blog button will be in a prominent position on the right side of The Grant … Continue reading

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Days Away from Change

When I saw the “Reflections of Motherhood” video I knew I had to share it. I loved it and knew you would too. The premise is the following: We asked moms if they could go back right before they had … Continue reading

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Spooky Tree…A New Tradition

Last year as I was toodling around Goodwill I came upon this crazy looking metal tree. I had seen this piece in a magazine at some point and remembered it was an Easter decoration with decorated eggs hanging from it. … Continue reading

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Sunny Vanilla Guest Post

I recently discovered the blog Sunny Vanilla and am extremely glad I did. Jen’s blog is filled with original crafty projects using both fabric and paper. I love her fabric choices and only dream of bring able to sew like … Continue reading

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