A Star

Saw this decal on a car today while I was walking to Alex’s lacrosse game.

My Kids a StarA star in preschool?

Does their preschooler feel pity towards the other kids who are furiously scribbling on their paper and shamefully coloring outside the lines?

While eating does their preschooler watch in horror as the other children continue to carry on a conversation with a piece of peanut butter on their face?

Does their preschooler shoot scornful looks as their classmates dare to dress up in mismatched clothing?

Next week I’m going to park my car next to the “star car.”

I’ve designed a decal for my car I’d like them to see.

Might conflict with the “Be kind to others” and “Everyone is important” messages we’ve been trying to foster in our children but I’m ready to chance it.

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