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Summer Fun 2014

Yesterday was officially the first day of Fall and the kids have started their 5th week of school but I still can’t shake the feeling of it being summer. Maybe it’s because it’s still in the 90’s here or that … Continue reading

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A Simple & Easy Rug

Due to a rather unfortunate stomach bug that hit our family last year I needed to invest in a new bathroom rug. I did not want to spend a lot of money because inevitably there will be another bug that … Continue reading

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Move Over Mia Hamm

So this happened last weekend… Caroline played in her first soccer game. After watching her brothers play in roughly 692,000 games over the last five years, she is so excited to be on a team and play in her own … Continue reading

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A Little “Old Lady”

My 5 year old and I went shoe shopping for me the other day. I was in need of a new pair of heels and since the boys had already started school Caroline went with me. At  the first store … Continue reading

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A Birthday Crown for Years

I recently made my niece a felt birthday crown. Happy Birthday Addy! As you can see below, she loved it. Without a doubt, loved it. Alright, so maybe not a fan of the birthday crowns yet but I know around … Continue reading

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The Make Up Class

The other day my four year old was at her music class when the teacher announced it was time for the parents to come in. Since the kids had just had their first introductory lesson with their glockenspiel, the teacher … Continue reading

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The Rabbits, It’s Always the Rabbits – Part 4

Read here for The Rabbits – part 1, part 2, part 3 I know what you are thinking…Again with the rabbits? Yes, the rabbits but this time it’s different. Unbelievably, I just bought some rabbits. I know. Along with the … Continue reading

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Christmas Card 2013

Whew. It’s been awhile since I was here. So sorry about that extended break. I meant to warn you beforehand but I didn’t quite get to it. Since it’s 2 weeks past Christmas now seems like the perfect time to … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I hope that everyone gets to spend time with their family and loved ones. For all of you that visit this site and support me thank you! Happy Thanksgiving

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London – Day 2

Alrighty, last we left off in London we were following a group of men in their Speedos. You know, typical London stuff. Onto day 2…Buckingham Palace to start. Front. Here’s a picture of the back after we took a tour … Continue reading

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