Super Hero / Bad Guys Scavenger Hunt

At Caroline’s super hero training birthday party, the kids were required to complete 4 missions.

Each mission had one or two components. For example, there was an “Accuracy Mission,” since all super heroes need to have good accuracy when fighting the bad guys. A bean bag toss and a ping pong bounce game were played in order to test our little super hero trainees. Since they passed that mission, they received super hero cuffs – more on those another day.


The 2nd mission, the “Eye Test,” consisted of two activities – Super Hero Bingo and Bad Guy Scavenger Hunt. Super heroes need to have good eyesight to spot the bad guys so these activities tested that.

The Bad Guy Scavenger Hunt was definitely a 4 year old favorite.

Each trainee was given a marker and a sheet containing 16, “Bad Guys.” I used characters they might know of instead of typical comic book villains.


Click here for the Bad Guys Scavenger Hunt

The trainees were then asked to walk around our first floor to find the bad guys. They particularly enjoyed being able to mark off each character once they found a bad guy.

Before the party I had printed out large versions of the same characters on their scavenger hunt sheet and taped them around the house.

Mother Goethel from Tangled


Can you spot Captain Hook?


Syndrome from the Incredibles


Once the trainees completed their eyesight mission –  bingo game and the scavenger hunt – they received a chest letter (piece of felt with a safety pin (with a flat back) glued onto the back.



Man, four year olds are so much fun!

All 11 of the girls loved dressing up and were totally game for each mission.

Scavenger hunt for 4 year olds, mark that one down as a keeper!


A Wonder Woman Birthday Cake

Well, Caroline’s birthday party is over and I think it was a rousing success.

I’ll trickle the pictures throughout the week and maybe into the next (oh joy!) because:

1) I want to be able to share all the fun activities with you

2) My work hours are increasing slightly so I need some completed posts for the blog (not that the 8 – 11 year olds at work don’t provide plenty of material).

So up first today, the cake.

Caroline said she wanted a Wonder Woman cake for months and I really hummed and hawed about this. I mean, I’ve completed a fart cake for pete’s sake but this one gave me pause.

She said she wanted Wonder Woman’s whole body but I wasn’t sure I could do that.

In the end, I found this picture and tried to copy it.


Caroline loved it.



I think it looked more like a pornographic blow up doll.


Not my best cake.

But in the eyes of a four year old it was perfect.

Banner with Ties

Caroline turns 4 today so we are well into party planning mode for the weekend.

For the 11 months and 3 weeks she requested a super hero party on a regular basis.

Last week she decided she wanted a cheetah party.

So we’re having a super hero party where the person of honor is wearing cheetah leggings and a cheetah tutu and calling it,” The Super Hero Party Where People Can Be Super Hero Cheetahs if They Want to Be.”

Classy party we’re hosting around here.

We’re also hosting this party on the cheap so we are using supplies and materials that we already have first and then buying second.

Therefore, the party colors are bright yellow, blue, and pink, since I had leftover fabric from my sisters shower last year. Caroline approved of the colors so we moved forward.

So first up for the Super Hero Party  – the foyer.





For the “bam” and kapow” signs, I used yellow frames we already had and placed the images I created on the computer inside them.

For the “banner with ties, ” I used fabric strips and string – super easy.


I cut strips of fabric in varying widths and tied them onto the string with one tie.



Here I have tied on 3 pieces of fabric.


Once you have tied a few pieces of fabric, push them together – I know, rocket science here.


I just kept adding pieces until I thought it was long enough – in the beginning I was worried with how it was turning out but once I had tons of the pieces on there I was happy with it.



Now onto bean bag boards, painted cardboard boxes, and lots of sewing!

The Picky Eater

Saturday night we went to a Halloween party at a friends house.

As I was standing around the appetizer table stuffing my face with chips and dip another mom said, “My son is the pickiest eater.”

And with that statement, I knew I had to take her down.

Now, having the pickiest eater is certainly not something I enjoy or celebrate but since it’s the case I’m going to claim it.

“Oh, I don’t know about that. My daughter is very picky.”

“Oh, Miles is the pickiest eater. He doesn’t eat eggs or drink milk.”

Lady, is that the best you’ve got?

“He will only eat grilled chicken.”

So he eats meat…?

“He doesn’t really like the cilantro I put in this dip.”

Oh, you mean the dip he’s been scarfing down. The one that obviously contains mayonnaise, corn, and green stuff, also known as cilantro. Let me just get this over with and save us both a lot of time and you a lot of embarrassment.

“Caroline eats peanut butter sandwiches every night and has for the last year.”

“Oh… Miles isn’t that picky”

Yeah, that’s what I thought lady.

Front Yard Halloween Sign

In a previous post I mentioned that I liked this Halloween decoration…

Well, our family made our own using materials we already had.

In the garage we found planks of wood from a pallet (for the place signs) and then a standing piece to secure those smaller signs to.

The boys insisted that the names of the places had to come from somewhere…

Do you know where they came from?

Halloween Party Ideas

Starting to mentally prepare for our Halloween party:

List of food possibilities

Fixing up the patio area

Finish Decorating House

Clean House

Front of House Decorations

And within each of those projects listed are twenty-three million things to do.

But I have taken some time to find some inspiration in blogville and thought I’d share with you some of the wonderful ideas I’ve found.

Harry Potter Free Potion Labels at Over the Big Moon

Halloween Lunchbox Notes from Kiki & Company

Tutorial to make “Eye” Candy Jars from Pink Polka Dot Creations

Black Widow Spider Bites from Mom On Timeout

Silhouette Pumpkins at Uncommon

Halloween Directions Post at Young and Crafty

Candy Corn Cupcakes from Our Best Bite

Mummy Dogs from Our Best Bite


Caramel Apple Bites from Echoes of Laughter

I love all of these ideas and plan on incorporating many of them into our Halloween party.

Hungry and inspired yet?

Halloween Estimation – Printable

This weekend we pulled out our Halloween stuff and started decorating the house. I found the following printable which we used at our Halloween party last year.

Just find an empty jar, count candy corns as you fill up the jar, write down the total somewhere you will remember, and let the party goers guess away.

Click here to download the Estimation_Candy_Corns Page


Printable Baby Shower Prints – New on Etsy!

If you are hosting a baby shower anytime soon, these baby shower prints in my shop would be perfect!

These prints are each 8.5 in x 11 in and could really add a special touch to your dessert area.

Wouldn’t a little humor at the shower be fun?

I will customize your prints by using the colors of your shower.

And yes, I kid about the terrified new dad.

Here’s one that might more accurately reflect your dad-to-be.

Each purchase of these prints comes with 4 PDF files for you to print:

1  Mom-to Be print

1 Baby Love print

1 Dad-to-Be print – terrified

1 Dad-to-Be print – excited

I’d love for you to head over and check out the Printable Baby Shower Prints!

Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test on Etsy!

Do you remember the gender prediction test from my sister’s shower?

Well, I’ve finally listed it up on etsy so it’s available for everyone.

If you are hosting a gender neutral shower this is the perfect party game to play.

This test includes 14 Old Wives’ Tale questions with their boy/girl responses,

sample photos of the finished product,

and the gender circles,


This test is guaranteed to provide laughter and a good time at your next shower!

It’s listed for the bargain price of $1.95 right now.

The price listed will be the price for only 72 hours – Monday morning the price will be higher

So go ahead and pick up your Old Wives’ Tale Gender Prediction Test!

(This test is to be considered as a fun baby shower game – The results are not 100% accurate.)

*Next week the Baby Measurement Guessing Cards will be on sale*