Happy 2013 Mardi Gras!

Happy Mardi Gras Everyone!

Our family just came back last night from a quick weekend trip to New Orleans for lots of food, family, and fun.

Missing two days of school for beignets and beads – priceless

Here are a few shots to remind some of you of home &  to remind others of what a wonderful place New Orleans is to visit












Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Valentine Coupon Book

 Just finished creating Valentine Coupon Books for the 5th grade party next week.

My fifth grader has informed me he is going to make his coupons good for one playing of XBOX.

That gift more than makes up for everything I do for him – almost.

Anyway, here’s the cover sheet and coupons. Print them off on colored paper & it’s a quick thoughtful gift.

At least it could be a thoughtful gift. Nudge nudge Alex 🙂

Valentine Coupons


Cover Sheet


Print, fill out, staple together- done!

Click here to download both sheets.

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Miss-tided You

Derek and I usually take turns bringing the boys to their nightly activities.

Right now we have a ton, poor planning on our part, so one of us is away each night of the week.

The other stays with Caroline and gets her ready for bed.

If it’s my night out with the boys I go see her when I get home if she’s still awake.

“Hi Sweet Girl. I’m home.”

“I miss-tided you Mommy.”

Pretty much instantly melts my heart.

No matter what craziness has occurred in the day, it goes away at that moment.


One day I’m going to miss-tided that.

Gilmore Girls: Where are they now?

A few years ago a friend introduced me to the Gilmore Girls and I loved it.

In fact, I went through all 7 seasons in a few months.

And I wanted to move to Stars Hollow pronto.

Sookie, Lorelai Rory, Dean, Lane, Luke.

All friends of mine.

Melissa McCarthy played Sookie and I’m pretty sure we all know how sucessful she’s become.

And I see Lauren Graham, Lorelai, on Parenthood (another awesome show!) every week.

But what happened to the others?

Check out this CNN article to discover what our favorite characters from Gilmore Girls are up to now.


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Dear Lord,

Please watch over the men in my life when I die.

Since I am the only one who apparently has the ability to change the toilet paper roll or notice the extra roll has been used they will need your help.

They will be hopping out of the bathroom with their pants down trying to reach the cabinet where the paper is kept. It won’t be pretty but I know you will see that they don’t fall.

It may get a little ugly when they realize the extra toilet paper has been used up and the next best item to use is on the kitchen table.  It won’t be pretty again but at least you will have provided for them.

Don’t worry when this continues on for a week and it still doesn’t seem to bother them. Continue in your good work and they will eventually see the light.

Your faithful follower,


Feb 1st – My Birthday

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday Dear Jennifer,

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yep, today’s the day.

39 years young.

I’m not a person who stresses over the number so I’m good with today.

I’m going to spend the day having lunch with a friend (and Caroline) and then eating out again for dinner (twice in one day, holy cow!), hopefully followed by a movie rental with the kids and Derek.

Oh, and cake!

Can’t forget about that.

Rumor is I have a king cake coming my way so I’m super excited about that (thanks mom and dad).

Hope your weekend is full of cake too!