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Pet Peeve

I am a party pooper and I don’t care. In fact, I wish more moms felt the way I do. I have a pet peeve which goes against my love for crafting. I hate gift bags, goody bags, and here’s … Continue reading

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A Quick Closet Fix

Our system for putting away gloves and winter hats worked quite well until it became cold and we actually had to find those items on a daily basis. There were plenty of  “I can’t find my hat,” and “I can … Continue reading

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Running Peak

I truly dislike running. I don’t get the runner’s high you are suppose to experience at the end of a run. I get exhaustion, a dehydration headache, and sore legs. Two months into my training and I keep waiting for … Continue reading

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Halloween Pics

It came out of their mouth…or at least I bet they thought it. “ I’m going to save all these seeds.“ “If I could only get all this stuff out of here without having to touch it.“ “If only the … Continue reading

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Etsy: Family Portraits Edition

 I have some news for you…only 52 days until Christmas! Yes, that’s right. We must get shopping. How are you going to remember those special people in your life? The woman who watches your child. The music teacher. Your best … Continue reading

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No Team Here

I had planned to write about something else today. Something cheerful and happy. Instead, I just got off the phone and feel like crying. Last year one of my boys played on a winter basketball recreation league. We were invited … Continue reading

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Care Bear Bingo

I don’t know about you but last night I ate about twenty mini candy bars. If anything, I am underestimating. I spent the rest of the night complaining about my aching stomach while my husband looked on with a, “Why … Continue reading

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