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Valentine Love

I  love my kids and husband more than I can express to you. They are the ones who make me get up in the morning (horizontal children in your bed tend to do that) and the ones who put smiles … Continue reading

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Moustaches for the Masses

When looking around blog world I noticed many handmade Valentine’s. I especially liked the idea I found on Cupcakes Kisses n ‘Crumbs and thought my boys would too. Steps we took to make Valentine Moustaches: 1) Alex found a mustache … Continue reading

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Preschool Madness

Caroline is going to a school about 45 minutes away from our house. She’s going there because 1) our family loves it and 2) it’s on my way to work so it’s easiest to drop her off there. Next year … Continue reading

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The Mom Song

This woman is brilliant. My friend Jess sent me this video a couple of years ago and I just discovered it again. It makes me smile, chuckle, and nod my head in agreement. I’m pretty sure I’ve said most of … Continue reading

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My Husband is One Lucky Guy

My dad loves to give silly t-shirts for Christmas presents. Over the years we have all had our fair share. One Christmas my sisters and I each received a shirt that said, “What Happens With the Sisters, Stays With the … Continue reading

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My Super Bowl Victory

My Super Bowl victory has nothing to do with the Packers or the Steelers. My victory is one between man vs. food. Okay, woman vs. food. I’m talking about the ever elusive perfect potato salad. More specifically…my mom’s potato salad. … Continue reading

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Honey Cornbread

So I was sitting in bed last night watching “The Mentalist” when I mentioned to Derek that I didn’t have a post for today yet. Suddenly a topic popped into my head. I announced, “I should share the cornbread and … Continue reading

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Trying in the Ice

I came across this beautiful quote from a dad the other day Life is so precious, so cherish every moment of every relationship. I am trying hard to remember this quote as we enter our third day of canceled school.

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Closet Redo

My husband turned to me one Friday night several weeks ago and asked what our plans were for the weekend. I looked into his big brown eyes and knew he wanted me to say, “We’re eating out, going to the … Continue reading

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Financial Goals Updated

As I mentioned in a previous post, Derek and I have made some financial goals for our family this year. One of the ways I was going to directly help was keeping an eye on the food budget. January’s goal … Continue reading

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