Closet Redo

My husband turned to me one Friday night several weeks ago and asked what our plans were for the weekend. I looked into his big brown eyes and knew he wanted me to say, “We’re eating out, going to the movies, and relaxing all weekend.” Instead I looked at him and knew I was about to burst his bubble. “I want to demolish the coat closet.”

closet“You mean the new closet in our new house?”

closet“Yes, I hate it. It’s messy. It has no organization and the kids can never find their things.”closet floorSigh. “Okay. Show me what you want to do in the morning.”

Our coat closet had the awful hanging single shelf but not much more. The kids (and I) would end up throwing our coats and bags in their and shutting the door. I think my husband was the only one who actually hung up his coat, hence his inability to see the need to demo the closet.

middle closetOur first step was tearing out the shelf. You can see the left over piece at the top of the above photo. My husband then taped dividing lines about every three feet. I wanted everyone in the family to have their own dedicated space.

After painting the lines (first white and then blue – to have somewhat straight lines), we added hooks.

Each person has 3 lower hooks for items they use on a daily basis…..

5 small hooks to hang hats……

and 3 large hooks again at the very top for items not used daily (soccer bags, etc).

I then painted the kids’ names into the section they chose for themselves.

So far our new closet works perfectly. We bought the hooks new but used paint from another project. A little bit of work that makes a huge change for us.

Any little projects you’ve been thinking about tackling?

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