Gloria’s…it’s no Panchos

I love Mexican food.

I could eat salsa for days.

I got together with several friends the other night for a “Ladies Night.”

Every time I say “Ladies Night” I hear Kool & the Gang in my head.

Take a moment and boogie on down

Kool & the gang – ladies night
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I love going out with girl friends to eat, chat, and laugh. Since I don’t work anymore (I know, I know, I work in the home…yadda yadda), I miss adult conversations and time with friends. So the other night a group of us ate at Gloria’s in Frisco. We laughed so much and got caught up with each other lives. The food was great. I had the Carne de Res Asada Salvatex (grilled steak with an enchilada, black beans, and rice).  The salsa was amazing.

But……it’s no Panchos!

I can hear the groans now from everyone but I am standing firm on this one.

I grew up in New Orleans and one of the places my parents took us all the time was Pancho’s.  I practically grew up on their cheese enchiladas, tamales, and tacos. And to top it all off…the sopapillas. At the end of the meal, right before you pay your bill of $15 for a family of 28, you get sopapillas. It’s heaven in a basket. Drizzle a little honey on those puppies and you’re good to go.

You can’t talk Pancho’s without mentioning the pinatas. They were everywhere in the restaurant. Every month our Pancho’s would give away a huge pinata correlating to the month. One year my sister won Novembers’ 4 ft. turkey pinata. For some reason, it hung in our laundry room for well over a year. It gave quite a fright when you walked into the room with the lights off.

And don’t forget about the video game – Pole Position – near the restaurant door. I can still hear the starting beeps of the game. We were like a pack of wolves around my dad – hungry for quarters.

Our family loves it so much I guarantee Pancho’s will be an eating destination once everyone flies in for Christmas.

So remember if you’re ever in the mood for amazing Mexican food and a true Mexican atmosphere, go to Gloria’s but remember…it’s no Pancho’s!