A Stroke of Luck


Did you hear that?

That sound was my whole body exhaling.

Truth be told I’ve been holding my breath for the last five years.

We’ve reached a milestone around here and it’s reason for us to celebrate.

My husband had a stroke at the age of 34 exactly five years ago.

Whenever he talks to doctors they ask, “So when exactly did you have this stroke?”

My husband hums and haws and mentions something about late 2008.

I allow him to finish and then say, “It was August 2, 2007. It happened around¬† 9:30 AM. I was wearing a black skirt and green skirt when I got the call. I had a two year old and a five year old at the time.”

My mom noted about the upcoming anniversary, “It’s just gone by so fast.”

No, it hasn’t.

For me, I remember everything – from getting the call, calling the babysitter, crying to my dad on the phone, to waiting around for more tests and doctors visits.

In the last five years we have visited more “ologists” than I care to remember.

With every migraine headache Derek had, I tried not to panic.

But…now that my husband has reached the five year milestone I feel like I can breathe a little easier.

We’re here today with big smiles on our face and feelings of being tremendously lucky. We are thankful for every day we have together and feel tremendously blessed in our life.

July Goals Revisited

Unbelievably, it’s already August, which means it’s time to update you on the progress of my July goals.

Add item to etsy shopCheck!¬†I added the “All About Me” form for kids to fill out.

Clean Out Game Closet with KidsFail! We’ve worked out way through about 5% of the closet.

Bring Clothes to an Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaner Check! and WILL NEVER DO AGAIN! Umm, people. Do you know how much an environmentally friendly dry cleaner costs? I took one dress in to be cleaned and was stunned when the price came to $10.93. I seriously had three one dollar bills in my hand waiting to pay and had to dig through my wallet for more money.I am all for helping the environment but this is one area where I will not be switching.

Add Crown Moulding in the Guest Bathroom Fail! I was wishing and hoping but sadly those by themself don’t put crown moulding up.

Go on a Date NightCheck! We actually went for a lunch date and went to IKEA and grocery shopping without the kids – amazing how fast you can accomplish both of these when there are only adults in the mix.

Create items for Amanda’s Shower Check! I shared some decor from the party – (food flags), (felt garland), (cupcake decorations) with hopefully another crafty post soon to follow.

Make Wonder Woman Costume for Caroline Three-Fourths of a Check! So far I’ve made the crown, the cuffs, spray painted her boots red, and bought the red shirt and blue skirt. All I need to complete the outfit is a little golden lasso.

Did you accomplish anything you wanted to in July?