It’s Just a Number

Yesterday while driving around in the car Andrew (5) announced, “Liam’s dad is 44.”

Me: “How do you know that?”

Andrew: “He told me.” Liam is a friend of Andrew’s at school. Andrew thinks the world of him.

Me: “How old do you think Liam’s mom is?”

Andrew: “Probably 17 or 18.”

Me thinking: Well, since Liam’s 5 that would mean she had Liam when she was 12.

Me: “Ah, probably not. I think she’s a little older than that.”

Andrew thinking for a moment: “Yeah, she’s probably 78.”


Real vs. Fake

No…I am not talking about body parts.

I’m contemplating Christmas trees.

Real vs. Fake

We’ve always had a real tree for as long as I can remember. I remember going to the tree farm with my parents to cut down the tree. We’d walk up and down the rows of trees until my mom could decide which one was the fullest. Then my dad would throw himself on the ground and attempt to saw the tree down with the worst saw known to man. We would then drag the tree to the cashier. Then they’d tie up the tree and my dad would try and hoist the tree on top of whatever minivan we were sporting.

Derek and I have not taken our kids to a tree farm but we have gone every year to chose a tree. For some reason, this special event always occurs on the coldest day of December. After wandering the tree lot for ten minutes we decide we are just too cold and chose whatever tree we are next to. Sometimes our quick decision turns out well and other times we get home and discover we have the Charlie Brown tree.

This year I’m thinking about a fake tree.

We have higher ceiling in our new house so I was thinking it would be great to get a 9 or 12 ft. tree. But I don’t want to pay for a huge tree every year. Maybe a fake tree would be okay. We would spend a bit more out of pocket this year but not have the tree expense again.

On the other hand. The tree is fake. You don’t have the annual trip to get the tree.

“Come on everyone. Get your coats on. We’re going to the attic!”

Doesn’t have quite the same feel.

I’m sure this is a hot button issue with all of you.

Break free and let your tree thoughts be known.

Thoughts? Real vs. Fake.

Rockin’ in the Minivan

Currently jamming to Katy!

I’ve already listened to this 3 times.

I worry about playing this in the car when my kids are in it –

what if they say,

“What does she mean when she says let’s go all the way tonight.”

I’m ready though.

Me: “She means they are gong to drive all the way on a long road trip without stopping in a hotel for the night.”

Anyone want to dance with me?

Who are you listening to?