A Look Back at Our Halloween Costumes

As we are narrowing down our costume choices for this year, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane at our past Halloween costumes.

Through the years the kids have come to expect me to make their costumes and believe I can make just about any character. While that may not be true and some of the costumes may be simple, I love making these and seeing their faces as they put them on.

Kermit the Frog
 (green pants, green shirt, felt details, fabirc covered hat with half ping pong balls)
(pants, rain boots, raincoat, fire hat)
Winnie the Pooh & Roo
(Pooh: While shopping in Babies R Us one morning with the boys, Alex decided he wanted to try on the Winnie the Pooh costume. I put the one piece on him, zipped him up, and let him look in the mirror. When I went to get him out of the costume, the zipper stuck. I mean, would. not. budge! I tried and tried to get him out of the costume. I ended up getting scissors from a clerk and cutting him out. I now had to buy the costume and was now the proud of two pieces of a costume with a broken zipper. When I took the costume into Hancock Fabrics to ask if there was anyone I could pay to fix the costume, an employee took pity on me and fixed the costume for free. So that’s how Alex ended up being Winnie the Pooh for Halloween).
(Roo: Since we already had a Pooh I decided we needed a Roo. Andrew’s costume is actually a monkey costume with a blue shirt I wrote on over the costume).
A Pirate and a Parrot
(Parrot: green overalls with Kermit the frog shirt from 2003, red hat, felt feathers in front and back connected by pins and elastic at the wrists)
(Pirate: shirt with iron on transfer, hat was bought, the rest of the costume (belt, hook, & pants were inherited from my sister’s college days – the pants were originally a skirt I altered from the original costume)
A Saints football player & Curious George and the Man with the Yellow Hat
(Saints player: costume was given to Alex)
(Curious George: brown track suit, hat covered in brown felt with fabric ears I made, candy bucket was brown fabric covering the bucket with felt bananas attached)
(Man with Yellow Hat: yellow shirt from Goodwill, felt tie, felt covering a hat with rulers underneath to keep it standing up)


Costume Party

Pirate & Captain Rex from Star Wars
(pirate costume with beard, store bought costume for Captain Rex – it killed me to buy this costume but I did it because he wanted it desperately)
Halloween Night
Captain Rex and Peter Pan
(Peter Pan was a store bought costume too – I caved in Party City)
Night at the Museum Costumes
 (Sacagawea: brown material with added fringe & turquoise beads I sewed on)
(Larry Daley: regular clothes with name tag that read “Larry”)
(Fighter Pilot: not technically in the movie – consignment store costume)
(Teddy Roosevelt: brown pants, brown shirt, glasses, and belt from Goodwill, cowboy hat bought)
Burger King, Dairy Queen, a Werewolf, Little Red Riding Hood, and a Ninja
(King & Queen: bathrobes from Goodwill with added fur trim, hat made from cardboard and silver tape, signs were made from sticky felt)
(Werewolf: regular clothes torn up with fur sewed into the clothes)
(Little Red Riding Hood: red skirt, white shirt, tights, consignment shoes, gingham fabric with red trim)
(Ninja: black pants & shirt, top shirt was fabric with hole cut out over head and tied with black fabric, black fabric wrapped around his head)



What are some of your favorite Halloween costumes you remember?

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39 thoughts on “A Look Back at Our Halloween Costumes

  1. Those were some awesome costumes! You are so creative! Coming up with fun Halloween costumes is not in my DNA (hahaha) so I am the Mother who caves into buying them every year. Sad, I know.

  2. That Roo picture of Andrew is so funny, he looks like he’s the 300 pound baby with 4 double chins. Wish he was still chubby like that!! 🙂

  3. I went as a simple cowboy one year in college. The lack of creativity really ruined me so I stepped up my game. I have had a great three year run of – Box of Franzia[with working tap], one of my professors, and Mugatu from Zoolander

  4. (found ya on a link party) This is an awesome idea! My daughter was sushi last year.. Ha! And this year my kids are going to be thing one, thing two and our 5 month old is going to be cat in the hat. Im so excited 🙂

  5. I miss little kermit! I can’t believe how fast they have all grown up! thanks for the memories!

  6. oh my goodness…i seriously almost fell over when i saw the pirate and parrot…lulu and bubba are definitely doing that one next year!! they are going to be dorothy and the lion this year…and i’m trying to convince the man to go as tin man…so far, no dice!


  7. Very creative through the years. It was fun seeing your family grow up and added to. My favorite custom, which I did for work, I wore a box of Life cereal around my neck with a knife stuck in it. Cereal killer! I know, sick, just sick. But fun!

  8. These are so fun, I love the Pirate and Parrot! When I was kid, my halloween costumes were so random… Some of the memorable ones were a Hershey kiss, Energizer Bunny (would kids know what that is anymore), shower curtain… Thanks for showing these off, great ideas~


  9. Love that you chronicled these! And I also love the most were home-made or a combo of homemade and store bought pieces. You should make an album for each child with these, so they can enjoy them when they are adults.

  10. I loved seeing your costumes. You really do a great job! It’s neat to see how your family has grown too. I’m the link behind you at Happy Hour Projects Freestyle.

  11. I love these ideas! I love seeing your family grow over the years, too (and for Mom to get in the pictures, too!).

    I have a big list of family costume ideas on my blog (with pictures of our costumes over the years), but I always end up making them—so far my kids are too young to ask for store bought costumes, but this year they don’t seem interested in doing a family costume (unless we can do Phineas and Ferb again).


  12. My older sister was a nurse and I was a patient one year. 🙂 I have no idea what my own kids are going as this year. I’m sure the 8 yr old will want to be a ninja/karate guy of some kind. The 1 yr old…um…I am totally unprepared!

  13. The colorful, delightful and friendly parrot caught my eye! What a “hoot” Halloween brings out the KID in our family as well and I am working on a post about our FAVORITES as well! Your family is adorable!

  14. Wow…you are super crafty! I was thinking of taking my girls and making them element symbols from the periodic table, but yours are way cooler than that!

  15. thanks so much for linking this up to tip-toe thru tuesday! i loved looking through all of these cute halloween costume ideas!! just wanted to let you know that this will be featured this week. so stop by and grab your featured button!

  16. these are such fun costumes! And how neat to look at them all over the years! Great post! Thanks so much for linking up to Tuesday Talent Show! I would love to have you stop by and link up again tomorrow with more great projects!

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