Lego Minifigure Wall Storage

I am sure those of you with girls are saying “Yeah, another Lego post!”

But even if you don’t share that same enthusiasm, this project may still be useful to you.

Instead of Lego mini figures insert – barbie accessories, strawberry shortcake paraphernalia, or porcelain figures

Just trust me and keep reading

Started off with wooden boxes which previously held a stamp set and a puzzle

Painted them white – two or three coats

Anchored them into the wall

Placed a small collection of Lego mini figures into the boxes

The boxes were placed next to the red display boxes we made a few months ago.

We added shelves I bought almost two years ago when a Container Store was going out of business (75% off baby!)

I need to add something above the boxes to finish out the space but for now it’s done.

The desk has papers covering it, the floor is covered in paper, and there are Mardi Gras beads in the shot. Just keeping it real. Many bloggers would have cleaned up their space before taking the pictures.

I did not….. Why?……. #1. I hate cleaning #2. It’s their room #3. I wanted the boys in bed so I could run downstairs and enjoy a bowl full of ice cream and magic shell.

Worked on any house projects lately?

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