The Tooth Fairy

The tooth fairy visited here the other night.

Thank goodness she remembered to come.

On one occasion, a few years ago, the tooth fairy forgot completely.

I think she was distracted with the new Law and Order that was on that night.

Anyway, it was ugly.

Crying ensued, excuses about a storm making it difficult for her to fly were thrown out. An overall disaster.

Thankfully, she remembered to come the following night, bringing money, a toothbrush, and a new book.

You know, Negligent Tooth Fairy Guilt.

Trust me when I say you never want to go through that.

In steps Mr. Tooth Fairy to the rescue.

Immediately upon hearing the words, “I lost a tooth,”  he reaches for his phone and ignores the child completely. He quickly punches in numbers and commands which will alert Mr. & Mrs. Tooth Fairy at 10:03pm.

At said 10:03, an alarm begins to sound.

Mr. & Mrs. Tooth Fairy have no idea what is happening and begin to think it must be time to take out a nonexistent loaf of banana bread.

Soon after though they come to their senses and remember that everyone’s happiness is on the line.

A minor panic occurs when realization hits that no $1 dollar bills are to be found in the house. An intense debate begins on what an awful precedent it would be to give $5 for one tooth.

The problem is eventually solved and Mr. & Mrs. Tooth Fairy have a deep sleep knowing they have completed their mission.

Early the next morning the child is thrilled to wake up and discover 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and a nickel under his pillow.

Mr. & Mrs. Tooth Fairy smile and know that everyone’s happiness it all due to that little device sitting on the kitchen counter.


5 thoughts on “The Tooth Fairy

  1. Yes, you know it’s going to be a bad day when it begins with a teary child waking you from a sound sleep to whisper shakily that the tooth fairy never came. Luckily, in our house, quick-thinking Dad was able to “find” the dollar that had “fallen behind the bed.” We’ll have to remember the 10 PM tooth fairy alarm!

  2. The tooth fairy has forgotten at our house too, what a horrible feeling. This year the tooth fairy made a trip to our house Christmas Eve with Santa…like there wasn’t enough to remember that night.

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