143 Acts – Part 3

 143 Random Acts of Kindness is Continuing….Go here to read the why and Part 2


#8 – Donated money to friend riding bike ride to support MS research – Kelly

#9 – Donated bed

#10 – Gave coach paperwork from another team which would help him write up a handbook quicker

#11 – Donated money to my friend who is running a marathon to support cancer research. – Kelly

#12 – Gave $10 store credit coupon to woman in store

#13 – Donated clothes to Family Services Center

#14 – Left baby coupons in store directly by object

#15 – Donated clothes & house items – Jess

#16 – Paid for order behind me in Starbucks drive thru

#17 – Held door open for woman coming into donut shop

#18 – Gave money to family who has been without a job since October- Mom

#19 – Stopped for someone to cross road

#20 – Gave coupon to woman in store when I didn’t use it

#21 -Left magazines at the airport for another traveler

#22 – Gave coupon to woman in Gymboree

#23 – Stop and speak with check in desk at pool everyday

#24 -Stopped and spoke with a woman for 10 minutes who obviously wanted to talk. Normally would have said, “I need to go.”

#25 -Bought magazine subscription from a teen door to door salesman

#26 -Let mom go in front of me at grocery store when I was shopping alone

#27 -Gave encouraging words to store employee who was dealing with difficult customer

#28 -Stopped car so someone could cross

#29 -Left coupons near items at grocery store

#30 -Left comment on blog of a new blogger

#31 -Left coloring books in hospital waiting room

#32 -Left coupons in grocery store

#33 -Shared shade umbrella with someone at outdoor soccer practice

#34 – Served kids pizza and drinks at a friend’s party

#35 – Donated clothes and household supplies to Family Services Center

#36 -Gave woman in Old Navy a 30% entire purchase coupon

#37 -Donated blood

#38 – Donated Halloween costumes to the hospital

#39 -Gave woman coupon in Goodwill after someone gave it to me

#40 – Bought gifts for Salvation Army Angel #1 – 9 year old boy

#41 – Bought gifts for Salvation Army Angel #2 – 6 year old boy

#42 -Bought gifts for Salvation Army Angel #3 – 18 month old little boy

#43 – Sincerely complimented sales woman on outfit


100 Acts to Go!