Potty Training – Done!

We are done potty training!

And by we I mean WE.

It was certainly a team effort made only possibly by Caroline finally deciding to GO in the potty all the time.

Plus a little trip I took.

And when did she decide to do this?

About 15 minutes after I boarded a plane to Chicago.

When I came back from my sisters’ shower I asked Derek how potty training had gone.

“No accidents. She just walked into the bathroom anytime she needed to and went.”

“You mean TODAY she pooped on the potty?”

“No, since the moment you left she went in the potty every time.”

Now, I’m not going to lie. While this was great news I was a bit annoyed that he hadn’t dealt with any dirty underwear issues. I mean, I had been nearly losing my mind with frustration FOR MONTHS.

Whoever said girls were easier than boys to potty train was lying. My boys were super simple compared to this stubborn little one.

But I have found the silver lining in my husband’s success.

From now on with every BIG issue with Caroline faces…I will be taking a trip.

I think my husband has proven himself worthy of solving the big issues.

Apparently, just his presence makes things happen.

Clothes shopping for high school….I’ll take a trip to San Diego.

The teenage girls are mean talk…I’ll take a trip to New York City, a trip to Charlotte, and a trip to Miami (those girls are mean after all and I bet she’ll need more than one talk with that).

Your curfew is earlier than your friends…I’ll take a trip to Nashville.

And for the really big issues?

Get that passport ready because we’re talking international trips.

Yes, this is a good plan I think.

After all, if my husband can solve the potty training issue with one trip to Chicago, imagine all he’s capable of solving if I’m gone for a week.

6 thoughts on “Potty Training – Done!

  1. Congrats! Kids all get there in their own good time. I think physical maturity and temperament have much more to do with potty training than gender. I just read that Mayim Bialok (or however that actress spells her names) used some no-diaper method for her kids! I KNOW I would never have been up to that method of training. Training me to recognize when things need to happen would have been much much difficult–temperament issues for sure.

  2. Don’t mess with the stats Derek. So far you’re 1 for 1! Good job and congrats on the potty training success. We’re still in the throws and get “I just peed in my pants”….thankfully he’s still wearing a pull-up!

  3. I have been noticing this for years……in our family…mom says something dozens of times to find Dad says it once and the girls think it is gospel! I agree with Deanna..don’t mess with success.

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