Free Downloads that I LOVE

Wanted to let everyone know about an amazing free download going on right now over at

Jenna is sharing her state/country prints which she normally sells on etsy.




I have actually not so secretly coveted these prints for a long time.

I made some copy cat ones (since she didn’t have Ontario) using canvas and paints for our office/playroom over a year ago and still love them.

From left to right the pictures are 1) of Ontario, CAN where my husband was born 2) where we live now and (3) the state I was born in.

Click here to go to the free downloadable prints from q.a. designs

 Do you see any prints for your house or to give as gifts?

One thought on “Free Downloads that I LOVE

  1. I like the idea of getting all the states I’ve lived in…guess that’s 5 at this point with 2 stops in Texas

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