The Post Office Every Year

Every December I stand in line at the post office and make the same vow:

Next year my husband will mail the packages for his family.

He will:

1 – Take all three children with him

2 – Fill out the customs paperwork

3 – Explain 17 times why the line doesn’t go any faster

4 – Hand out goldfish crackers

5 -Pick up and put down the two year old six times.

6 – Fill out different paperwork since the previous paperwork was for packages that weigh one ounce less than your package

7 – Tell the children 23 times to lower their voice.

8 – Wait while a woman trying to mail a package to Sweden doesn’t understand why her box needs to have an address or be closed.

9 – Sweep crushed goldfish under the counter and out of sight with foot.

10 – Listen to the post office worker explain the twelve thousand options for sending a package when all you want to do is scream, “JUST MAIL IT!”

Yes, I’m quite sure my husband will be the one mailing the packages next year.

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