Coffee Table Change

Early last year I was walking around the Salvation Army when I spotted a $27.00 coffee table. The furniture caught my attention because it was quite large – 42 inches in diameter! At the time all five of us were living in an 800 sq.ft. apartment so this was not the ideal piece of furniture for me to pick up. However, I knew we would be moving into our much larger house within months and it was going to be in desperate need of a large coffee table. Hard to find for cheap. Soooooo…I bought it and it has remained as is for over a year.

Our 13 year old rug and Salvation Army coffee table

Besides just being a coffee table, this furniture is used as an ottoman, a toy holder, a cartoon watching seat, base during tag, and the origin for many leaps of faith to the couch.

Here’s the new and improved living room

Newly covered coffee table & two 5 x 8 IKEA rugs

I chose the bold graphic since it was similar to the one used in our connected kitchen

Here’s what we did to the coffee table

Took the fabric off and sanded down the wood

Stained the furniture – wore gloves for the messy job

Used the old fabric as a template for cutting the new fabric

The fabric is by Annie Selke and its called Links Indigo. I bought it through JoAnn’s fabric store when it was on sale for 60% off).

Used staple gun to secure fabric.

Sprayed scotchguard on the fabric

Hot glued the remaining edge down.

Cursed when I cut the fabric too close to the edge

Viola – this too can be yours in four short weeks

On the new IKEA carpet

Placed in its perfect spot

Perfect to jump to the couch from it

Perfect to jump to the chair from it

Just perfect

Next up – new pillows!

I have piles of fabric just waiting to be used.

Have you improved upon any old furniture lately?

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28 thoughts on “Coffee Table Change

  1. Great job! It looks beautiful and functional. I have an old night stand in the guest bedroom I want to redo. I have a couple of ideas but am too afraid to do anything…the perfectionist in me doesn’t want to mess up. I don’t know why, since it can’t look any uglier, and I got it for free from my parents. I completely lack your energy and confidence:(

  2. This looks great!! I am ready to start doing some more projects in my house. Considering taking the glass block down that separates the kitchen from the hallway! Big project.

  3. It’s me again….Are your couch slip covers yellow or is just my eyes telling me that I shouldn’t of stayed up till 2 this mornig? I was thinking of starting to sew my slip covers and was wanting to make two sets(one white of course and the other a butter cream yellow.

  4. Wow! The new rug makes it look like a completely different room! I’m doing a similar fix up to my living room in a few days, wish me luck that it turns out as well as yours!

  5. This is so cute! And thank you so much for stopping by my blog… the idea for doily print placemats has my creative gears spinning… I can think of so many things that I think doily print would look pretty on!

    Since you’re on WordPress I’m not sure if there is an easy way to do this, but the way you are commenting on my blog and presumably other Blogger blogs, you keep showing up as a noreply person so I can’t just email you back on your comment… you might get more responses from people if you change it (if possible)… just a thought because I keep trying to respond to you directly! : )

  6. I love that graphic print, and it looks really nice with the new simple carpet. I like that it’s big enough and flat enough that you can rest things on it without them falling off. Well done.

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