A Little Bead Art

I’ve got another weekend project for you and this actually only took a weekend to complete! Woohoo!

The last weekend project culminated in completing this magnet board above our piano.


I went ahead and worked on another project and here’s the piano area now.


I took a $1 garage sale frame and spray painted it the same color as the magnet board.


I then asked my husband to hang the empty frame on the wall.

He said, “So you want me to put some metal into this frame?”

“No, just hang it.”

“Do you want me to add a piece of wood so it has a back.”

“No, just hang it.”

Weird disgusted look sent my way.

“Pleeeease just hang it.”



“M” steps:

1) Drive to New Orleans during Mardi Gras and collect a lot of beads.

2) Look at huge bag of Mardi Gras bag of beads in your closet for months and wonder what you are going to do with all of them.

3) Buy a cardboard “M” at JoAnn’s with a coupon for $1.50 and spray paint it.


4) Cut strands of beads into individual beads.

5) Hot glue the beads on while watching 10 DVR’d episodes of The Middle.


6) Paint the sides black because you are tired of gluing beads onto the “M” and you just want to get done with the project.




7) Look at remaining 3/4 full bag of beads and decide to try and sell a bag of them at the upcoming consignment sale and bill them as “Princess Jewels.”


2 projects down, countless to go!



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