September Goals Revisited

Holy smokes it’s October already!

Where has the time gone?

Before you know it we’ll be having Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Or for Canadians, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

I didn’t accomplish all of my goals but feel okay about that since we had several bumps in the road this month.

Add 2 items to Etsy Shop – Check! I added the Baby Shower Prints and the Halloween Conversation Cards. Feels good to have those up.

Find an Electrician to Put a Light in Hall Closet Check! Instead of hiring an electrician, my husband found wall lights you just stick on the wall for the cheap price tag of $29. Now we have light in the closet!

Touch Up Paint DownstairsFail!

Scrapbook 10 pagesFail!

Make Lasso for Wonder Woman Costume Check! If Project Runway had a contest to make little girl super hero costumes that thrill a 3 year old I think I just might be a finalist – excited to show you the final costume.

Make a Nap Mat for Caroline at School – Check! Wrote about it here.

Clean Front Attic RoomCheck! Big job only accomplished by spending 15 – 30 minutes on it a day.

Have a Date NightCheck! A big thank you to my friend Christina for watching my kiddos or this just wouldn’t have happened this month.

Clean My Craft RoomFail! After working on it this weekend, it’s about 40% cleaned – actually a huge improvement from the 0% it was.

Paint Old Shutters Purple for Halloween DisplayCheck! Painted but not up yet.

Make Containers for Desk in Boys RoomFail! But! My husband put up shelves, new desk chairs, and lamps for the boys this weekend so that’s much more impressive progress.

Hope you’re ready for October!

3 thoughts on “September Goals Revisited

  1. Great idea to make a set of goals. Even if they all aren’t completed, you get to see that you are still making some really great progress! I’m sending you a virtual gold star–no three of them. You really did get a LOT done!

  2. Holy smokes is right – I can’t believe September is already gone. I’m starting to mark time by your goal updates! ;o) Great job – you got a lot done!

  3. My October goal…no more work trips after this one to San Fran…that’s all I want 🙂

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