A Sewing Success…Barely

I had to make Caroline a new nap mat for school since Sophie (our dog) was kind enough to destroy the one we’ve had for the last 8 years.

No, I didn’t have to buy one but I thought , “I can do that. No problem!”

I am a fool.

An over confident fool who needed to be talked off the ledge several times during the sewing process.

I based my design from this nap mat which would have ended up costing me $64.

So in that instance, I am not a fool.

My nap mat came in right around $33.

Because we couldn’t find any Wonder Woman fabric, Caroline chose these flamingos.

There is no tutorial because I didn’t think many of you would want to rip out stitches and sew parts of the nap mat together that aren’t supposed to be.

(the orange blanket is sewn into one side of the nap mat )

(there is a green foam pad inserted into the nap mat – it can be taken out so that the fabric part of the nap mat can be washed)


I will tell you this, Caroline loves her nap mat, but there has not been one single nap taken on it at school.

I think she just bides her time and plans what she will play with once that unnecessary quiet time is done.


2 thoughts on “A Sewing Success…Barely

  1. Such a cute picture of Caroline! (And the nap mat is really cute, too) She looks like Andrew peeking out from under there – but in the picture that Kelly posted on Facebook, Caroline really looked like Amanda. But Deanna’s son (Corey) really looked like Andrew to me in one of those pics, and Amanda and Corey have nothing to do with each other genetically! How funny.

  2. Well, if she sneaks off her mat to play with toys she is truly like her mother in kindergarten who also did not nap and became a “puzzle master” during nap time. Apples do not fall from the tree.

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