A Birthday Skirt

One of my February goals was to make my daughter a skirt or dress.

I settled on a skirt since that seemed to be an easier project.

Half the coverage, half the work, right?

I followed the instructions from the sewing blog MADE and I think the skirt turned out fairly well for a first try. I didn’t bother making a tutorial because, “about this, and cut about that much,” didn’t seem like real effective directions.

We added the pink leggings since this outfit would have been a bit chilly to wear to recess without them. She is proudly accessorizing with her school birthday crown (and a pterodactyl).

And what did this sweet munchkin tell me immediately after putting on this skirt which I worked on for over an hour and which made me extremely proud to make?

“Thank you Mommy. I love you. Thank you for working so hard on this for me?”


It was…

“Now make me a dress please.”

“I’m 1…2….Free!”

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