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Since we have 5 people in our family we naturally have 673 things going on at any one time. While I have my personal calendar and Derek has his own, somehow we would still each miss recording events. This miscommunication often lead to frustration by both of us so I decided the solution was a master schedule.

We determined the master schedule needed to be in the kitchen so everyone could glance at it or add to it when needed. We placed it above the chalkboard and next to a magnet board we brought from our old house. The magnet board is a great place for the dry erase markers since they have magnets on the back of them.

We used a 38 x 26 frame we had sitting around. Besides the cost of the dry erase markers this was going to be a completely free project. That is…until we broke the glass. Off to the home improvement store Derek went to buy new glass and we were back in business.

I printed off some days of the week labels while Derek stuck two large pieces of paper together. After I glued the days of the week at the top of the blank pages. Derek divided it into appropriate sections. Each day is roughly 5 inches x 4 3/4 inches big.

Here’s an example of a light day: 6:00 soccer for Andrew & 6:00 lacrosse for Alex.It also reminded me of what I needed to bring to Caroline’s school for a teacher luncheon.

A busy, yet typical Saturday

My favorite part is that it’s easy to wipe on and wipe off with a cloth.

Anyone else have a Karate Kid moment there? Wipe on, wipe off, Daniel-san!

Do you have any fun organizing tips? I’d love to hear them.

I’m sharing my schedule here:

Tip Junkie handmade projects

10 thoughts on “Master Calendar/Schedule

  1. Hi! I found your project on Tip Junkie and just linked there the cork board makeover I did too. Our projects are somewhat similar because it has a lot to do with organizing schedules. 😀

  2. this is fabulous!

    Im new to blogging & hope you dont mind me following you.

    I did a project similar to yours a few months ago, but a year planner… Luckily it is generally only my things that go on there. But i feel i have no organisation If i dont have the whole year infront of me. Im lready thinking of how i can improve it for next year… Having it behind glass and eraseable is certainlly a fantastic idea… then I wont have to print a new one each year!

    Feel free to pop by my blog and say hi 🙂

  3. At Christmas when I got this little notebook computer, I went from my big paper calender, which was taking up LOTS of counter space and looking obnoxious (imho), to putting everything in my Outlook calender. So far so good; I haven’t missed an appointment/practice yet, but there WAS some adjustment. I like your hanging calender – we have no wall space to hang one.

    • I can’t handle Derek’s calendar on his computer. I can’t see it and that bugs me. It’s hard to see more than one week at a time. Glad the computer one works for you.

  4. This is awesome. Duke and I were just talking the other day about needing something like that bc we can’t keep the 2 of us straight.

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