IKEA Elephant Off My Back

Why is it projects always take 98% longer than you think they will?

I bought this IKEA chair back in January. It was in the clearance section since it didn’t have a bottom.

chair with no cushionI picked it up and thought, “Great project for the weekend.”

I don’t know why I still think I will get anything accomplished the first weekend it’s on the to do list. By now I should know once I put it on the list it may be completed within the same season it was initially written down in. For instance, my list for this weekend had 12 things on it, we accomplished three of them – actually, not too bad for us.

One of the projects was – FINISH BLUE IKEA CHAIR

suppliesSupplies: oval wood disk, batting, fabric, staple gun

Fabric: Urban Circus Laurie Wisburn Elephant blue – bought here

We used two layers of batting for the “comfy bun” factor.


Uhhh, more stapling


This project was frighteningly simple and it took us just 15 minutes to complete.

That is, 3 months and 15 minutes.

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  1. Love it! I was wondering about that “chair” when I was at your house….. Nothing feels better than accomplishing something off of the “to do” list!

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