Prodcutive Weekend

I start every weekend the same way.

With a drink.

No just kidding.

It’s only milk and cookies for me on a Friday night.

And a Thursday night. And a Wednesday night but that’s beside the point.

I start every weekend by writing a to do list.

I usually put a craft project for me, an activity with the kids, cleaning chores to be completed, a house project, grocery store list, returning items list, piano practice reminders, any sports listed for the week, reminder to walk the dog, and about 30 more things.

Usually I have broken up the tasks by day so as to not feel too overwhelmed.

Thanks to one kid with walking pneumonia, one with a fever, and one with a sporting event, this weekend was looking doubtful in terms of productivity.

But amazingly,  I fee like so much was accomplished in our house, whether it was on the list or off the list.

Jambalaya was cooked. Homemade hot pockets were made. One birthday present was bought. Two Valentine packages were wrapped. Many books were read out loud. One basketball game was played. Three Shots on Goal…MADE! One trip to Gymboree. One birthday present bought. One item returned. Cleaning all bathrooms from top to bottom. Four frames hung. A billion pieces of laundry washed. Three episodes of Say Yes to the Dress viewed. Ten Super Girl cuffs made for birthday party. And One Boy Scout Proboscis monkey project completed. And for those of you who are not familiar with the Proboscis monkey, it may win ugliest animal ever.


Told you.

All in all it was a good weekend. Now hoping I can get two out of three kids out the door tomorrow so I can start working on my Monday list.

3 thoughts on “Prodcutive Weekend

  1. I am exhausted just reading the list..whew! I thought I was doing good at grading 45 APUSH DBQ’s, going go the dermatologist, and winning 3 races at the racetrack.

  2. I’m impressed!! :o) I was just reading something the other night about the Proboscis monkey and was wondering what the heck it was.

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