I’ve Got the Power

By the time you read this I just might be a millionaire.

I mean a gazillionaire!

Yep. You guessed it.

I fell into the Powerball craze.





The jackpot is currently at $500 million and it’s going to be MINE, ALL MINE!

Well, except for the part where I give a lot to charity but really most of it’s MINE!

Oh, and maybe my husbands’ too.

When we discussed going to buy a lottery ticket he said, “Sure. Go buy one.”

Which of course meant, “Buy five. It will increase our odds greatly and we will become kazillionaires. There’s a 10 in my wallet.”

I obliged and bought the tickets.

Of course, I brought along my two oldest children because this was an important life experience.

Yep, taking them down the dark and dirty road of gambling.

As we were walking into the store, Andrew said, “Let’s buy a mansion if we win.”

(I’m sure he totally meant, let’s buy a house for someone else…yadda …yadda…yaddda)

At that, Alex, my oldest, said, “Andrew, we’re not going to buy a new house. Mom and Dad just refinanced the house and that was a lot of paperwork. They aren’t going to want to do that again. You have to think of something different you want.”

Practical. That will be good when we are BAZILLIONAIRES!

So, if I don’t post tomorrow I’m probably in Tahitit in the celebrity suite at the finest hotel there having a massage (contemplating how I will help the less fortunate, obviously).

Oh. And if you win? I’m totally your best friend, right?

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