Random Thoughts During the Day

Here are some random thoughts I’ve had lately, none of which are long enough for a post, but just long enough to make you think I have too much time on my hands.

 Remember when you were younger and you would argue about who got to sleep on the top bunk? Now, that I’m older there’s no arguing from me. Just let me lay here for a quick 20 minutes and you can have the top bunk all to yourselves.


The thought of purchasing a mattress used as the model at Costco grosses me out yet as soon as I roll into a hotel room I throw myself all over the hotel bed.


 Why do people walk around a pool with their goggles around their neck? Stop! You look ridiculous! Real swimmers don’t do that!


“Caroline, did you cut with scissors today at school?”


“Did you learn about the letter C today?”

“No. We just did some Jesus things today.”


And there you have it – observations by me.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts During the Day

  1. Ohh love the quotes by Caroline! On a side note, I have been totally grossed out by the thought of hotels & the bed bugs epidemic. Yuck.

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