Olympic Story – John Orozco

I’m a sucker for a good Olympics story.

A story of struggling, a story of adversity, a story of conquering.

John Orozco, an Olympic gymnast from the Bronx, has such a story.

John’s dad saw a flyer for free lessons and jumped at the chance for his 7 year old to participate.

Once Orozco reached a certain level and needed more intensive coaching, the entire family worked at the gym since they were unable to afford it.

When the family would travel to away meets, they would cram John’s mattress into the back and sleep in the car.

Now when you see his mom and dad in the stands in London you just feel the overwhelming pride they have for their son.

I came across this music video starring John and wanted to share it with you.

I’m a fan of the music and of the athlete.

Is there a special Olympic athlete you’re cheering on this year?

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