Food in d’House

So we’ve been cruising along in summer with: swim practice, a trip to Costco, visit to the library, a planetarium visit to see the transit of Venus, visits to the neighborhood pool, and eating.

Lots of eating.

Luckily we’ve been eating pretty well.

For instance, today the kids had strawberries and whipped cream for snack.

Oh, and I might have had a bowl full too.

The other night I tried these Chicken Taquitos from Chef in Training and they were fabulous. My attempt at the Pioneer Woman’s homemade pico de gallo was not the greatest but it was edible. I think I added way too much cilantro.

The other development in our kitchen is that the boys are cooking as they have in past summers.

They are each responsible for planning and cooking one dinner a week. Once they plan their menu they have to check to make sure we have all the ingredients or they need to put it on the grocery list.

We only completed week one of the summer dinners by the boys but so far everyone gives it a thumbs up.

Alex made grilled cheese and tomato soup with a side of grapes on Sunday while Wednesday night Andrew made hot dogs, chips, a salad, and some yogurt.

There’s talk of cheese nachos next week.

Hopefully I’ll persuade a vegetable or two to make an appearance with that dinner.

Are you cooking up anything yummy?

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