Family Hall Art

One of my March goals was to complete a family art piece for our hallway.

Long ago I saw something similar to this piece and I knew I wanted to make one for our house.


My sister gave me a picture she no longer needed (Kelly, it’s the train picture from ZGalleria) and I held onto it for several years. Actually last year I spray painted the canvas white in an attempt at starting this project but sadly I never got any farther and it just sat in the garage.

Two weeks ago I finally completed the piece and just love it.

A look down the hallway

1) Spray paint canvas white

2) Cut out words on silhouette machine

3) Place the vinyl words on the canvas

4) Spray paint the canvas black

5) Peel off letters

6) Spend hours going over white area with white paint pen due to black paint “bleeding.”

I just bought 3 gallons of ice cream at the store yesterday because it was on sale, no other reason.

So yes, we do A LOT of ice cream.


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