2 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. April holds: Marisa’s Birthday….Check! Easter services, I sing in the choir; Marisa Prom, Order pictures for Grad Invites/announcement. Music open house at TBJ; continue preparing piano students for spring recital. and on and on and on………can’t think about it all, have to take one day at a time until graduation june 4th and Revelation Choir tour (which I’m going on) in June…….. one…..day….at……a……time…… 🙂

    oh and trying to figure out how to be at my nephew’s wedding June 2nd in Little Rock and choir tour rehearsals etc. like I said….one. day. at. a time! TMI

  2. Finish all the school grading before progress reports are due, finish the last 5 Ieps due for the year and file in the school vault, take a day shopping trip to Baton Rouge for some summer clothes, donate clothes that do not fit and also shoes, do something physical for at least twenty minutes everyday, get teeth cleaned, haircut, make an appointment with the dermatologist, give after school practice exams to Ap students, conduct extra prep sessions for students vacation week, and pray for husband flying to Iowa to give a lecture. (since he hates to fly but has been working on it), send a card to my sister, try the two day a week carbohydrate less diet for two weeks, call grandson on his birthday, and try to get more sleep…..Just writing this has exhausted me….

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