Old Timey

My husband and nine year old went to a hockey game with my son’s friend and his dad.

The friend was asking all kinds of questions to his dad.

“What year did the Stars first have a team? Why do the referees where black and white stripes? What’s the most popular kind of skate used by the players?

The dad turned around and said to his son, “What do you think I am?…An encyclopedia?”

The friend scrunched up his face and said, “What’s an encyclopedia?”

Alex, ever the knowledgeable one said, “It’s sort of like an old timey Wikipedia.”

4 thoughts on “Old Timey

  1. That’s my boy! I could not have come up with a better definition myself….

  2. I was just talking about Encyclopedias on Sunday…they are surely a thing of the past 🙁

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