Spring Fun

Thankfully picking flowers and catching ladybugs has become a new favorite activity while waiting for her brothers to finish various practices.

Unfortunately, we will have to find a new activity soon due to over picking and the fact that every lady bug in the field will have been squished to death.

4 thoughts on “Spring Fun

  1. She’s such a cutie, Jen. When am I going to meet her in person??!! Will you come visit me – pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!! I know Kelly will come too. And I’m sure we could talk Amanda into it. :o)

  2. Jessie, I’m in, just let me know when. Jen, Duke is afraid Caroline is going to forget him since he hasn’t seen her in awhile

  3. Jess, Kelly – I’m totally in for a visit to see Jess!!! And Caroline is a cutie – love her little outfit!

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