Running Pet Peeve

In no way do I consider myself a runner.

However, I do feel I am now qualified to comment on something runners often do.

When having to wait at a stoplight, runners often jog in place.


Is it to impress us?

Listen, we’re already impressed you’re running. No need to go for bonus points.

I hate to break this to you but we are talking about you as we sit in our car.

We are thinking:

                  1. “Thank god that’s not me out there.”

                  2. “Nice running belt. Do you really need 17 bottles of hydration. Ya big geek.”

                  3. “You know she wants to stop. Why doesn’t she just stop?”

When I was running I was thinking, “I’m just going to stand here. No need to torture these innocent people sitting at a red light. All the jiggling and wiggling of my lower half can at least wait to be seen until they are moving at a higher rate of speed. No need to prolong their torture.”

So really. Take a break and just enjoy a little rest until your green light.

At least that way we won’t be talking about you running in place.

Your running belt though is still fair game.

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