Right back atya

Eight years ago I convinced my sister to train for and compete in a triathlon.The race consisted of a half mile swim, a 25 mile bike ride, and a 6 mile run.

On race day we were excited yet nervous.

Due to my age group beginning before hers, I finished the race ahead of Kelly. I walked into the crowd and found an opening roughly 50 feet from the finish.

When I saw my sister I began cheering for her, “Go Kelly! You Got it. You’re Almost There!”

As Kelly ran passed me she looked straight at me and gave me the finger.

Yes, she did.

Sisterly love lets you get away with a lot.

Every year or so my sisters and I try and have a Sisters Weekend. We meet up in a city, go the spa, and enjoy shopping and eating out.

Last week I spoke to Kelly on the phone and she mentioned scheduling a sisters weekend.

Awesome. I’m getting a facial, a pedicure, and a massage.

She also mentioned she wanted to get in shape and she needed a goal in order to do this. Kelly decided that training for a half marathon would be her focus.

Yes, great idea. It will definitely get you in shape.

“And I want you and Amanda to run it with me for our sisters weekend.”

Huh. That’s not such a great idea now.

Replace the facial with sunburn, replace the pedicure with blisters, replace the massage with leg cramps.


Reluctantly I agreed.

Our half marathon is in 14 weeks.

Monday I went for my first run. Now normally I don’t run. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d stick around to fight in a dark alley rather than try and run. Running is painful and I am bad at it. But I’m in this to finish it and to support Kelly.

So the kids got on their bikes, Derek pushed Caroline in the jogging stroller, and I shuffled along running and walking.

Well, Kelly, after completing those first two miles of training, I have a message for you:

Right back atya little sis!



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19 thoughts on “Right back atya

  1. Haha, very nice. Guess that’s sisterly love. I haven’t even heard back from Amanda on this topic so at least you respond to me. Going for my first run today šŸ™‚

  2. I would like to make the point that you have actually run both a marathon and half-marathon and I have done neither. Tough couple of months for Kelly ahead šŸ™‚

  3. Hahaha this post just cracked me up. I hate when people finish a race and then run back to support others and cool down by running “backwards” faster than you! At least you didn’t do that! And after much consideration, I have decided to join the madness of running a half marathon with the two of you. No one better give me the finger though.

    I have 4 sisters and no one makes me laugh harder! I tried to get them to run a warrior dash or even a mini tri with me and they …well, they said no.
    Kerry at housetalkn.blogspot.com

  5. Great, Iā€™m so glad that Kelly convinced you all to do this. I hope you realize that for the next 14 weeks Derek, Duke, and myself are now painfully involved in this decision as well.

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