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Today I have a terrific guest poster for you. Yesterday I was honored to guest post at Brie’s blog Darling Doodles and today she is returning the favor. Darling Doodles is a blog you will definitely want to check out because it is full of FREE PRINTABLES.

With every amazing and original gift idea Brie presents, she includes a printable. I love the Candy Grams, the quick cleaning chart (anyone who’s ever been to my house knows I’m admiring the cleaning chart but not using it), movie gift basket, and her lunch box printables. In fact, my boys are going to discover one of her lunch box printables in their lunch today. I can’t wait to find out how excited they were to find a special message in their  lunch boxes. As if that’s not enough, Brie creates personalized invitations for a ridiculously low price. Go order yourself some invitations now because Darling Doodles is going to be BIG. Just mark my words.

Darling DoodlesI am so excited to be guest posting on Big D & Me today.  My name is Brie and I am a wanna-be writer, graphic designer, and interior decorator.  Over on my blog, Darling Doodles, I share all kinds of free printables.  Everything from gift ideas to home décor to cute labels…you can find it there!

Today I want to share with you an easy and simple way to spread a little love.  I’ve found that the saying, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted,” is so true!  Doing something simple but sweet for your loved one will really make them feel appreciated.  Between that and learning how to cook a perfect steak your husband will think he won the wife lottery!  Similarly, it is amazing how little it takes to make a kid feel special about themselves.  So with that in mind here is what you do!

Head to your nearest drug store, buy a few packs of Extra gum, and print out the following notes. Done!  See, I told you it was easy!  Then get creative.  Hide one note each day or hide them all in places where they can be found throughout the day.  It’s up to you!

Here are a few places I hid mine where I knew my hubs would see them:


Medicine cabinet, lunch box, car, and pillow!

I’ve made two sets of notes, one geared towards your significant other and one for kids.  But feel free to mix and match if you want even more notes to hide!

Extra Love Notes:
extra notes

Extra Kid Notes:
extra notes kids

I hope you enjoy these notes and enjoy sharing them even more!

Thanks for reading and come visit me at Darlin’ Doodles!

Darling Doodles

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  1. Loved the guest post. I am a big fan of Darling Doodles! I laughed at the Red Lobster story because we’ve all done the same thing 🙂

  2. As a high school teacher a set tailored to “shout outs”….acknowledging specific work or tasks would be something I would buy….

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