The First Week

The first week of school is coming to a close and it’s been a good one.

Or so I thought.

Apparently, my kindergartener is learning from an Iron Fist.

For the first three days of school all was well. Stories of coloring, watching movies (weather of 107 dictates indoor recess), and chorus after chorus of “We’re Going On a Bear Hunt” could be heard in our house.

But then Thursday arrived and different tales started coming home from school.

“Rosie wouldn’t sit criss cross applesauce so Ms. Torboni took two minutes of her recess away.”

My response was,  “What? She’ll miss the opening credits. Outrageous!…I mean Rosie should have listened to Ms. Torboni.”

Strict but reasonable. Good for Ms. Torboni. She’s setting some behavior standards.

Andrew seemed to forget Rosie as he moved on to Jane.

“Jane was playing with her silly bands so Ms. Torboni took them away.”

Strict but reasonable. I agree. Toys from home should be left at home.

“And then Ms. Torboni put them in the treasure box.”

This is when it got a little disturbing on both ends.

“And anyone can buy those silly band from Ms. Torboni for six tickets.”

Strict but cruel?

“Jane was crying.”

I’m sure she was. Surely he has this wrong. The teacher can’t possibly be selling Jane’s items from home.

Andrew’s eyes then lit up as he said with a huge smile, “And I’m going to earn six tickets and get those silly bands for me to keep.”


Here’s hoping the life skill compassion is studied  next week.

Or else we might have mutiny on our hands in room 5.   

10 thoughts on “The First Week

  1. One thing I learned many years ago was that sometimes children misunderstand…let us hope that he misunderstood….because otherwise what she is doing is absolutely wrong and counterproductive to community building…..investigation should start with the classroom teacher….

  2. I agree with Mom- what a strange teacher- I feel investigation taking place on your part here soon 🙂

  3. Let’s hope he buys them and then returns them to Jane. Wouldn’t that be the nice thing to do.

    But I really hope he has that wrong and it’s not the Treasure Box but the holding box and she gets them back at the end of the week.

  4. I appreciate the lessons that teachers incorporate in the classroom, because honestly sometimes it helps me at home. However, I would investigate a little to see what will really happen to the silly bands…..I mean what if it was something a tad bit more valuable? I wouldn’t want it to sit in a box or be given to another child.
    I doubt that is the case, but I would check it out….even in an email or telephone call.

  5. I’m with your mom on this one! It is wrong to be giving a child’s possessions away! Especially to the other kids to “flaunt” in front of her. I hope Andrew misunderstood, but be probably didn’t 🙁

  6. Any child who refuses to sit criss cross applesauce deserves what she gets. That Rosie just better thank her lucky stars she didn’t have any toys from home with her that day or they’d be up on the auction block along with the devil’s silly bands.

  7. Yikes…if anything I might try to convince him to earn 6 tickets and buy them back for Jane – because that teacher seriously has a bug up her…well, you know!


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